8-Bit Software Online Conversion

EDITOR........... Apologies for the bad formatting of this advert. It arrived in a very odd state. ARTICLES FOR SALE FROM SPROW3 Last update 15-Jun-1997 Any orders or enquiries should be sent to R.P.Sprowson By post: 6 Bollinbrook road,MACCLESFIELD,Cheshire.SK10 3DJ By fax: 01625 431067 (use +44 1625 431067 if outside UK) By email: rps102@york.ac.uk Note that 1)Detail is given as space permits,but contact me if unsure. 2)See also the 'CUSTOM' section towards the end. 3)Except where marked otherwise postage is denoted as P&P<n> where 'n' is a multiple of 26p which MUST be added to the total price eg.P&P3 means the postage will cost 3 x 26p = 78p 4)Send SAE for latest list,or see "www.york.ac.uk/~rps102/bbc/forsale.htm" *SPECIALS -FREE! black wallet with ever order over £5 - room for notes and coins,velcro fastening. Only one wallet per person,subject to availability. -HALF PRICE Dimmer/drill control for loads upto 2.5kW See RS item #568-051 for full spec.Suitable for resistive/inductive loads RS price £64.Now £12.50! add P&P7.Two left -NOVELTY EPSON P40 printer with Centronics interface (BBC lead from free if reqd).Selectable codepage (so that £ sign appears either as a £ or a Yen sign).No need to change ribbon - the impact head doesn't need one.Just 680g,measuring 22cm x 13cm x 5cm high in a bone grey case.Refill rolls still available (from Farnell) and one is supplied to get you going.Will run off external PSU (from Argos),or from internal rechargeable battery pack.There is also swith selectable CRLF or LFCR support for software that sends too many LF's.£23.P&P9 -RECENTLY ADDED Linnet (by Pace) modem V21 and V23 support.Hayes commands compatible,comes with original manual,comms ROM and manual,leads and list of BBS's with Acorn stuff on for you to visit.Has BT jack plug already fitted and suitable power supply.BABT approved,P&P9.£11. -GIFT IDEA! Combined fan and map light,ideal travelling companion for hot summers.Requires 2AA cells.£4.P&P3 -GIFT IDEA! BBC video "Red Dwarf - Smeg Ups",BBCV5406,15 certificate.Ideal present for any Dwarfer.VHS format video.£8 + P&P5 *ROMWARE -Doomsday 1.00 for the BBC series.Corrects year 2000 problem on Master (or any other BBC series that supports Osword 14&15 and Osbyte 161&162.Comes with comprehensive manual and also adds *ROMS;*CLOSE;*CONFIGURE TIMEZONE;*SHOW;*DIR;and *DRIVE commands to fix various other problems and deficiencies.Only £4 +P&P3.State machine type when ordering. -View 3.0 with original manual,reference card,fkey strip.£4.P&P3 -ViewSpell,kit includes dictionary disk,ROM,original manual and reference card.£5.P&P2 -ViewSheet (V1.00) and original manual.£4.P&P2 -ViewStore (V1.10) and bulky manual,hence larger postage.£4.P&P4 -ROM carriers,holds 3x 28 pin chips,lined with carbon foam.Sturdy black plastic with snap shut lid.NO more bent pins.£2 P&P1. (3 left) -Non windowed BASIC II,OS 1.20,DFS 1.20 (all by Acorn).£6 + P&P1.Rid your machine of windowed ROMs: Acorn didn't release them on windowed chips.50p part exchange available. -Commstar (PACE '85) V1.30 for BBS' and modemming.Full manual.£4.P&P2 -Aries B-32 support ROM for the RAM board for a BBC B.WE.Full manual.£4.P&P2 -AIDS (SoftSmith) Contains disassembler,memzap,search/replace,variable list for BASIC,printer.With manual describing syntax.£3.P&P2 -MultiBASIC (CMS Soft 1985).Allows multitasking with BASIC II.£5.P&P2 -Acornsoft Termulator,AcornSoft 1985.Terminal emulator as name suggests.With manual.£2.P&P2 -Xtend (*commands to aid BASIC in a similar manner to Toolkit).Two of.£3.P&P2 -BCPL (AcornSoft 1983) and huge manual.£4.P&P8 -Communicator.Computer Concepts.Similar idea to Commstar.£2.P&P2 -Gremlin 1.20.Machine code monitor and aid plus original manual.£3.P&P2 -BeebMon.WE 1983.Machine code aid.£3.P&P2 -Termi.Terminal emulation ROM.Computer Concepts.£2.P&P2 -WordWise+.Computer Concepts.1984.£4,with reference & introduction manuals.£6 + P&P2. -Accelerator.Dual ROM set,precompiles BASIC into faster format,then compiles it into machine code.Missing LIBS disk mentioned in the manual.Computer Concepts.£6.P&P3 -Interchart.The charting part of the "Inter" series,with manual.£4 + P&P2 -MuROM by Beebug soft.Demistifies those ENVELOPEs.£2.P&P4 -Graphics extension ROM,by CC.With full manual.£4.P&P2