8-Bit Software Online Conversion

    Hello again everyone. Rumours about the end of my secondment off the road have been greatly exaggerated. It may now be October before I go back to my Paramedic role. Until then, I am off the road organising Clinical Audit. Despite many people ordering the magazine, there have been very few software submissions sent in again. As a result of this, I have reduced the DFS issue down to a single disc for this and subsequent issues (until further notice that is!). Those members sending 2 DFS discs will see that I have placed TBI-00, the catalogue/info disc onto disc two. Those of you that paid an extra 50p for the second disc need not pay the 50p fee for the next issue. Those members in credit receiving the issue automatically will notice that their credit total on the address sticker does not take into account my changing the issue from 2 to 1 discs. However, the database has been amended accordingly. Those Members receiving the issue automatically will only receive one disc and will have had their credit reduced by only £1, NOT £2. If any one has any queries about their credit, please do not hesitate to contact me! If you were trying to contact me during August, you will have failed miserably as I was away on several holidays, making up for the last couple of years. I spent quite some time in Skipton, didn't see you Jim! I also went to Sherwood Forest for a while, followed by The North York moors for another while. ProAction David Bradforth has announced that as a direct result of the bad review in 8BS of the TimeSlip game, while stocks last, the game is down to £1.45. When stocks run out, the game will be lost forever. If anyone buys both XLCR and Moonbase Beta, then they will receive TimeSlip free of charge. Jon Ripley has rejoined us after a long spell trying to get a BBC user group off the ground without any success. It would seem that he chose (on my prompting) to have a go just as the field was drastically reducing. Interest in the BBC is boiling down to just a few core supporters. There are still many people out there unaware of the support that is available for their BBCs. Jonathan Harston was good enough to pay for an advert for 8BS to appear in The Acorn User Green Pages. So far I have received 2 enquiries via that advert I think. Stan Casperd (I think) was responsible for 8BS getting a mention in the September 1997 Practical Wireless. This has already swamped me with enquiries (alright, about 16 then) Steven Flintham (15A) has sent us an updated messaging system. Info on this issue. He says that he is going to be very busy soon and now is the time to make suggestions for changes to his software before he becomes too busy (although he cannot promise anything). The 8BS get together was another fine success. More details of the events of the weekend in the next issue. Ebtel has run into a temporary glitch, do not despair, the project is still underway, more details next time. Thanks again to Paul Clucas for checking out the issue for us once more. See you next time!