8-Bit Software Online Conversion

ARTICLES FORSALE FROM SPROW (Last update 05-Aug-1997) Any orders or enquiries should be sent to R.P.Sprowson By post: 6 Bollinbrook road,MACCLESFIELD,Cheshire.SK10 3DJ By fax: 01625 431067 (use +44 1625 431067 if outside UK) By email: rps102@york.ac.uk (not during summer break,July to October) *SPECIALS -£2 OFF Brand new 60mm FAN,12v DC for cooling the innards of a computer. Now £9.P&P3 -£2 OFF Spare BBC keyboard,fully tested.Now £4 +P&P6. -£2 OFF Viglen cartridge system socket.Your ROMs go in carriers,and the carriers then fit into this socket.Note - carriers not supplied.Comes with fitting info.Now £1.P&P2 -LESS THAN HALF PRICE Dimmer/drill control for loads upto 2.5kW See RS item #568-051 for full spec.Suitable for resistive/inductive loads RS price £64. Now £12.50! add P&P7.Two left -RECENTLY ADDED Expansion ROM board by ATPL.Includes FULL manual and gives the BBC B a full complement of 16 ROMs plus the option of sideways RAM. £25 + P&P5 -SAVE NEARLY £2 If you buy View,View Sheet,and View Spell together (see the Romware section below) the postage is free.Becomes £13 for three ROMs and manuals! -GIFT IDEA! Combined fan and map light,ideal travelling companion for hot summers.Requires 2AA cells.£4.P&P3 -GIFT IDEA! BBC video "Red Dwarf - Smeg Ups",BBCV5406,15 certificate.Ideal present for any Dwarfer.VHS format video.£8 + P&P5 *ROMWARE -Doomsday 1.13 for 8 Bit Acorns.Corrects year 2000 problem on Master (or any other BBC series that supports Osword 14&15 and Osbyte 161&162).Comes with comprehensive manual and also adds *ROMS;*CLOSE;*CONFIGURE TIMEZONE;*SHOW; *DIR;*LIB and *DRIVE commands to fix various other problems and deficiencies.Only £4 +P&P2. -View 3.0 with original manual,reference card,fkey strip.£4.P&P3 -ViewSpell,kit includes dictionary disk,ROM,original manual and reference card.£5.P&P2 -ViewSheet (V1.00) and original manual.£4.P&P2 -WordWise+.Computer Concepts.1984.With reference & introduction manuals. £4 + P&P2. -Non windowed BASIC II,OS 1.20,DFS 1.20,OS2.00 (all by Acorn).£6 + P&P1.Rid your machine of windowed ROMs: Acorn never released these on windowed chips. 50p part exchange available. -Complete set of the 4 Arthur ROMs ("Risc OS 1.00" if you like).£4.P&P3 -Aries B-32 support ROM for their RAM board for a BBC B.WE.Full manual.£4.P&P2 -BCPL (AcornSoft 1983) and huge manual.£4.P&P8 -Commstar (PACE '85) V1.30 for BBS' and modemming.Full manual.£3.50.P&P2 -Communicator.Computer Concepts.Similar idea to Commstar.£2.P&P2 -Termi.Terminal emulation ROM.Computer Concepts.£2.P&P2 -Gremlin 1.20.Machine code monitor and aid plus original manual.£3.P&P2 -BeebMon.WE 1983.Machine code aid.£3.P&P2 -MultiBASIC (CMS Soft 1985).Allows multitasking with BASIC II.£5.P&P2 -Accelerator.Dual ROM set,precompiles BASIC into faster format,then compiles it into machine code.Missing LIBS disk mentioned in the manual.Computer Concepts.£6.P&P3 -Interchart.The charting part of the "Inter" series,with manual.£4 + P&P2 -MuROM by Beebug soft.Demystifies those ENVELOPEs.£2.P&P4 -Xtend (*commands to aid BASIC in a similar manner to Beebug's Toolkit does). Two of.£3.P&P2 -Carbon foam lined ROM carriers,holding upto 3x 28 pin chips.NO more bent pins.£2 P&P1. (3 left) *HARDWARE (ADDONS) -Watford Electronics Quest mouse,Quest paint ROM,and full user guide.£14.P&P6 -RAM chips required by ATPL board or Watford ROM/RAM board to allow *LOADing of ROMs from disk.Simply plug in and you're away.£4.40 each +P&P1 (you'll need two) -Analogue port dual joysticks.Not self centering type.80p.P&P5 -Aries B20 board,parasites off the 6502 socket and adds 20k shadow RAM to a normal BBC so the variable 'HIMEM' is always at &8000.Has driver ROM too, £15.P&P4. -RS232 kit for Master Compact,give your computer a serial port (not fitted on standard model).Acorn part ADF15 with full fitting instructions in several languages! £9.50.P&P2 -4Meg/2Meg boards.A bit more fiddly to add than the Aries B20,but with more features - too many to list here,but basically it's a mass of RAM (in banks madeork on the BBC B.All legally written Master programs will therefore work (provided they don't require any other Master dependant hardware).Full fitting instructions - including those for earlier boards.£5.P&P3.I've fitted one - they're brilliant!.