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Hunt the Snib - Listing

10REM Hunt the snib. Rewritten from t he original by Jon Ripley 1997. 20MODE7:M%=0:N%=0:FORX%=1TO2:PRINT"            INTTAB(0,2)CHR$131;"The Snib is hiding o n the grid."TAB(0,3)CHR$131;"Can you fin d where it is ?":PRINTTAB(13,5)CHR$131;" north"':FORX%=1TO10 30IFX%=1PRINTTAB(4)" 10";CHR$151;"""" ;ELSEIFX%=6PRINTTAB(2)" west ";CHR$151;E LSEPRINTTAB(8);CHR$151; 40PRINTSTRING$(5,"7k£");"5";:IFX%=6PR INT" east"ELSEPRINT 50NEXT:PRINTTAB(5)" 0";CHR$151;"""'"; STRING$(14,"£");"%":PRINTTAB(8,18)CHR$13 1;"0 south 10":VDU28,0,24,39,20:S %=RND(11)-1:T%=RND(11)-1:REPEATPRINT'CHR $131;"Type in your guess, then press Ret urn." 60REPEATPRINTCHR$131;"Column number"C HR$(137+(M%>10));"( 0 to 10 )"CHR$137;:I NPUTM%:UNTILM%<11:REPEATPRINTCHR$131;"Ro w number"CHR$(137+(N%>10));"( 0 to 10 )" CHR$137;:INPUTN%:UNTILN%<11 70IFS%=M%ANDT%=N%CLS:PRINTTAB(0,5)CHR $131;"Well done, another Snib bites the dust!"'CHR$136;CHR$134;"Press a key":A=G ET:RUN 80R$=STRING$(-(N%<T%),"north")+STRING $(-(N%>T%),"south")+STRING$(-(M%<S%),"ea st")+STRING$(-(M%>S%),"west"):IFR$<>""PR INT'CHR$130;" The Snib is to the ";R$: UNTILFALSE