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Time Travel By E2K ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are people who don't think time travel is possible, that it is just the imagination of film producers! There are also people who wholeheartedly believe in their theories. I, however believe that we just don't know because we cannot prove it. This is an opportunity for an open disscussion on the subject! Time as we know it is a relative thing. It carries us along on it's back from the moment that we are born to the time we die. This is all as it has been for centuries. But now modern man has begun to question the very rules of our existence by exploring the possibilities of time travel. Imagine if you will that time is a length of string. It begins with the 'big bang' and ends with the destruction of the universe. Somewhere along that length we exist. When you are born that is your starting point in time, and you will continue on in a forward direction along time itself. You are unable to change direction or halt your progress. If however, you could break free of the restraints that time itself puts on you, in theory you could travel back in time to almost any point. Imagine if such a device actually existed. You could go back in time to when your mother was a baby, see yourself being born or even the begining of mankind! This however is not quite that simple. Just think if you were to go back to see your mother being born and you accidentally caused the death of your mother. Your mother would no longer exist, therefore your mother would never meet your father, therefore you would never be born and you could not make the journey through time to cause the accident in the first place. This means that although you DID cause tha death of your mother and you WILL cease to exist, then you could not go back in time to cause this accident in the first place. This would mean that your mother lives, your parents do meet and you are born after all. Complicated isn't it? But time would acording to this idea find its way back to how it should be. This idea gives rise to the fact that time may, in actual fact be a loop or a paradox that cannot be broken. If this is true, then we all are part of a pre-set sequnce of events that are set rigid and cannot be altered. All this raises a few questions. Can a person move beyond the boundaries of his/her own existence? I would theorise that no, a person could not move beyond their own lifetime. A person is born, that person becomes a time traveller forty years later. He/she has lived for forty years! Before that, the person did not exist, that person could not exist because they have not been born yet. How can a person exist before they are born? Going back in time to witness or alter past events would be a futile activity because those events have already happened. You could however differ the results of these events. For example, everything that happens has an element of chance. If you have an accident there may be three possibillities, you get killed, you get hurt or you don't. Say you do have an accident and you get hurt, so you go back to stop yourself getting into the accident, the accident never happens because you just stopped it. There is now no need for you to go back to prevent it so that never happens either. The accident is now free to happen again. But as mentioned earlier, there are three possible results with equal chances of each one happening, so this time round the outcome may be different! All these are purely my personal and theoretical ideas and are open for disscussion. Next; Parallel dimensions. Do they exist? E2K