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From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Just a cookie for you! Cookie: System going down at 1:45 this afternoon for disk crashing. In these days of modern technology there is an oasis of fun that exists alongside the boredom of the thousands of E-mails that those of us with internet access are subjected to. In the last couple of years people have started to include funny little remarks at the end of their e-mails, these are known as tag-lines or cookies. Many cookies (tag-lines) feature jokes (usually about PCs), amusing anagrams or quotes from famous people - universal truths are also sometimes seen (like the one below) and can be the funniest. Of course a cookie could be anything really, just as long as it is short and hopefully funny. Like the one below... Ultimate office automation - networked coffee machines! In the spirit of fun and future progress I have decided to put a cookie at the end of each of my public messages. I have a library of about 3,000 of them and I am always on the look-out for more. (So please send them to me!) I haven't put this idea past Chris (the Ed) and I am hoping that he likes it. I shall be looking forward to your reactions - if you have any - in the next issue (or sent to me personally). A quick note, the cookie will almost never have anything to do with the actual message, just so people don't get the wrong idea! For this reason and to avoid confusion I have put 'Cookie:' before each of them. One final cookie for you... Cookie: A clash of doctrine is not a disaster -- it is an opportunity.  Subject: Soldering article??? In issue 47 we were promised an article that would teach us to solder without a trip to the local burns unit afterwards. Is anyone out there planning to submit this much needed article? Cookie: Old soldiers never die. Young ones do.  Subject: Did you know... Just a bit of pointless information for you. In the 8 issues that I have submitted to (not including this one), I have sent in 185k of messages alone. This is about 23k per issue. And I usually send at least 36 messages for each issue! I didn't want to calculate the amount in total that I have sent to Chris as it would be too scary, for issue 58 alone, I submitted over 149k of stuff to Chris... (Some of this was compressed to make a total on disc of 87k.) Just for fun I compiled all my message files into one and counted the number of words in them! The total was rather surprising as it seems that I have written (and hopefully you have read) well over 28,500 words the 185k of messages that I have sent to Chris so far. Not including my messages in this issue! The articles and other text I have written for 8BS totals over 26,400 words with the overall total number of words from the messages and articles I have typed for 8 Bit Software is just over 55,000 words. Just over 6,800 words per issue for 8 issues. (This is probably why I started up BBC User Group, just to take the pressure off of Chris!) - Actually, it is the reason why I started up the user group but that's another story! Cookie: 10.0 times 0.1 is hardly ever 1.0.  Subject: ADI and the future... ADI the Advanced Disc Investigator is probably the most sophisticated program of its kind that I have ever seen, it certainly shows the true power of the 1770/1772 disc interfaces. Using this powerful package I have been able to access every type of single and double density disc that I have ever come across. It can even access 720k IBM and 800k ADFS (Archimedes) discs. It cannot access some of the old non-standard disc formats that appeared in the early days of the BBC. I am eager to try and see if it can access Amiga and Mac discs but that is something for the future. The power of this package is based on the disc interface behind it, and it is a pity that so far (as I know) there have been no programs that can access 720k PC DOS and the 800k BBC DOS discs or the ADFS D and E formats which both use 800k discs. If such programs existed then it would be a wonderful bonus for BBC owners, they needn't be full filing systems but basic functions such as loading and saving files would be great! Politically Correct Cookie: Old MacDonald had an agricultural real estate tax abatement.  Subject: MOS Plus + An excellent idea for the future of the Master is an upgraded version of the MOS Plus rom (mentioned in a previous issue). But what would we want it to do??? One idea would be to fix the date problem from 2000 onwards and others could certainly be gleaned from the thousands of utility ROMS that we all find essential. The thing is, can we get hold of the original source code to make the changes to and would the original authors allow it to be distributed freely afterwards? If you have any ideas for things that could be added to make life easier for us all then please get in touch with 8BS and send your messages to 999. Perhaps if there are enough suggestions then there could be a MOS Plus companion ROM that could be a separate ROM, sadly taking up 2 ROM slots or a 32k ROM that would only take up one of the 9 ROM banks left for us to use. Cookie: Paranoia doesn't mean the whole world really isn't out to get you.  Subject: Thanks!!! A few issue ago I put out a request for BASIC reference manuals. Stephen Richardson sent me a couple of excellent books for which I want to thank him publicly. I would also like to say thank-you to him for this and all the other excellent help and advice that he has given me. Cookie: The sun never sets on the British Empire because the British are scared of the dark.  Subject: Public Domain Update... TBI-94 Shakespeare's King Lear I have recently revamped this disc for the group. With a new text file reader and a text printer it is now easier than ever to experience this masterpiece of literature. It's well worth a look! Contact Chris for information about how to buy this disc. Cookie: An elephant: A mouse built to government specifications.  Subject: Public Domain Update... BBC-118 Dictionary Access (ADFS Copy) By Andrew Pepperell. This disc contains a very extensive dictionary (nb: words, but not their definitions), together with a suite of programs to access it. I have recompiled a new dictionary containing over 68,700 english words especially for the ADFS version of this disc. I have added over 4,400 new words to make this dictionary the most extensive available from 8-Bit Software. A new feature of this dictionary are 107 two letter english words that are often left out of most dictionaries. This makes it an ideal companion for scrabble players everywhere. Aside from this there is extensive documentation on how to incorporate the dictionary into your own programs and how to write new utilities for the dictionary. Many examples are included on the disc. Coming soon will be an updated copy of the DFS version of this dictionary. Contact Chris for more information about how to obtain this excellent application. Cookie: £100 placed at 7% interest compounded annually for 200 years will increase to more than £100,000,000 by which time it will be worth nothing.  Subject: Public Domain Update... Photos from the 'Not The Acorn User Show 1997' are available now from Chris. TBI-116 4*DFS or 2*ADFS discs. During the show I offered to take all the pictures taken (mostly) by Chris on his new digital camera and process them so that all us humble beeb owners can look at them on our computers. I have included a 1/4 size taster photograph on this issue. These pictures are available NOW, on 2 * ADFS L discs or 4 * 80T DFS discs. They are well worth a look! Cookie: You never get a hangover from other people's vodka. -- Russian proverb  Subject: Lottery Program... Perhaps, someone could redo the lottery selector so that it would automatically print a begging letter for you if you were unlucky enough not to win when your work's syndicate does. For the luckier of us it could print a gloating letter perhaps to post to your boss, etc, etc! Cookie: Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go, do not collect £200.  Subject: Derek Hill's Scrabble... Did anyone see Derek HIll's scrabble selector program and the accompanying puzzle? I am sure that Derek spent hours and hours writing this program for us all to ponder over. It is the least that could be done for somebody to write a message with a nice answer or a bad guess. I, myself have no answer to offer but I am sure that one of the hordes of other members of 8BS has had an inkling of an answer. Cookie: Many are called, few volunteer.  Subject: Master Config Losses... There have been a few messages on this subject recently and I thought that I'd chip in with an experience that I have recently had. I was recently looking through a pile of discs that I have on loan and discovered an old comms program, I don't recall the name directly but it started with a 'V'. Anyway, I pressed CTRL+Break to leave the program and was a bit miffed when my Master informed me that it was doing a CMOS RAM reset. I ran the program again later and the same thing happened if I CTRL+Break'd out of the program. Oh well, that's life (and poorly written programs) for you. Cookie: Rotten wood can not be carved. -- Confucius  Subject: Program Ideas... Although I am sure that every 8BSer is dying to write your rollercoaster of a program you brought up an interesting point. Even if Cluke does think that you're a sad person for doing so. If you or indeed any member out there has an idea for a program that you would like to see written on the BBC, perhaps it could be a game an application or a utility then please get in touch with Chris and send a message to '999' explaining your program idea and perhaps someone will take up the idea and turn it into a program. Cookie: A Puritan is someone who is deathly afraid that someone somewhere is having fun.  Subject: Ref: Puzzle 1... Well, did any of you get it? After a few minutes of careful counting I have counted a total of 51 squares! From the smallest to the biggest there are: 24, 12, 4, 5, 1, 4, 1 squares of each size! Cookie: Nothing endures like change. -- Heraclitus  Subject: Apologies... I would like to apologise to everyone who has written to me in the last couple of months and hasn't heard anything back from me, due to unfortunate personal circumstances and illness I haven't been able to reply to everybody and since I have moved recently I may not have all your letters to hand. However, do not despair, I am doing everything I can to track down your letters and will reply to them. If you have contacted me and are waiting for either subscription refunds (from BUG) or discs or urgent letters then please get in touch in the mean time. My new address and phone number are: Jon Ripley, BBC User Group, 15 Wexford Court, 14 Biddenden Close, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 7HX. Telephone: (01323) 768421 (anytime) e-mail: jonripley@arcticbb.demon.co.uk Cookie: Creditors have much better memories than debtors.  Subject: Archimedes Contacts Wanted I have recently purchased a 2 meg A3010 (RISC OS 3.1) and I am looking for other members with archimedes computers who would be interested in swapping software or just exchanging letters. If anybody wants to send me any questions about the archimedes (not hardware related) to me either personally through royal mail - send a stamped addressed envelope for my reply - or through the 8-Bit messaging system please feel free to do so. You could even phone me up - I can't call you back I'm afraid, I simply don't earn enough! My 8BS ID is D5B (obviously - it's at the top of this message) and... My address and phone number are: Jon Ripley, BBC User Group, 15 Wexford Court, 14 Biddenden Close, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN23 7HX. Telephone: (01323) 768421 (anytime) e-mail: jonripley@arcticbb.demon.co.uk Cookie: People have declaimed against luxury for 2,000 years ... and people have always delighted in it.  Subject: Modems and stuff... I am writing a bulletin board system for the BBC and would appreciate any files (text/programs/etc) that any 8-Bit members may have gathered over the years! I am especially interested in comms programs (in basic!) for the Archi or Beeb. At this stage I mainly need to find out the control codes for modems just so I know how to get two modems talking to each other! I am especially interested in Hayes (and compatible) modem protocols to use when transferring data. I would also appreciate any algorithms for over-the-phone data transfer algorithms. ZModem preferably... (But any is welcomed) My address and phone number are: Jon Ripley, BBC User Group, 15 Wexford Court, 14 Biddenden Close, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 7HX. Telephone: (01323) 768421 (anytime) e-mail: jonripley@arcticbb.demon.co.uk Cookie: As long as the answer is right, who cares if the question is wrong?  Subject: BBSing... Hi'yall! Well, I just bought a USR 14.4k Sportster modem that I have hooked up to my A3010. I've found two great BBSs that are ru on Archies; Digibank and arctic, more info next time! You can contact me on digibank by writing to JonRipley (no space) or on Arctic by writing to Jon Ripley (with the space!). See yer! 