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                      To: 999 (all members) From: D7X (Martin Hodgson) Subject: 6502Em and VDFS The VDFS is rather lacking in its abilities, as Sprow stated last issue. Thanks to D6G for making *HELP work. Has he any solution to the inabilty of the VDFS to recognise that the '$' sign in a filing command referes to the root directory ? This used to give problems with the 8BS mag discs, before they were modified to suit. I have some of the Level 9 games (Lancelot, Time & Magick etc) which have many filing system calls which fall over because of this "feature". Acorns' 65Host does not have this problem, so why should 6502Em ? Incidentally one or two people have been asking about DFS readers to use on the 32 bit computers. I have ArcDFS from Dabs Press. This runs in the Desktop and allows you to deal with files on a DFS disc just as if it were ADFS, dragging and dropping selections of files to copy them to and from DFS and ADFS, setting Access etc. It also integrates with both 6502Em and 65Host, allowing you to access DFS discs from within the Emulators. The only problem with the version I have is that it fails to *CAT discs properly from the Emulators. The only other problem is that, presumably, Dabs Press are no longer interested in producing the product after all these years.  To: 999 (all members) From: D7X (Martin Hodgson) Subject: 6502Em Speed (lack of) I have been using 6502Em for well over a year, and am now on version 2.00, so thought I would add my comments to those made recently about it. I use 6502Em on a 25 MegHz A5000, with Floating Point Accelerator, and 4MB of memory I was surprised that Robert Sprowson (D6G) in the last issue of the 8BS mag found it slow, given the speed of his RISC-PC. Yes, 6502Em is a little slow on my A5000. I tested it in two ways :- 1) Running a game - Chuckie Egg, timing 5 traverses of the little man across the screen. His speed is fixed by the computer, not the user. 2) running a litle program loop,thus: 10 FOR N=0 TO 2000:X=5*N/6 20 PRINT X:PRINT''N 30 NEXT N I obtained the following times (secs). Shorter is faster and better, obviously. real 6502EM 65Host BBC B "BBC B""Master" CHUCKIE 24 38 55 24 Loop 60 102 157 162 So in BBC B emulation 6502Em is 60% to 70% slower than a real BEEB. Master 128 emulation is 100% to 160% slower. Acorns' 65Host is interesting, being as fast as the real BEEB on a game, but horribly slow over a bit of simple arithmatic ! Despite all this, I do find 6502Em pretty good. I normally use it in BBC B mode. The loss in speed is not often apparent. When running Revs for example you simply hold the accelerator down a bit longer. Top speed must be a little limited, but I spin off the track at well below max speed ! There is only Chuckie Egg (the wife's fav game), and Strykers' Run have obvious problems. It, along with its companion program !Tapes have very good facilities for dealing with Tape to Disc transferes. Also, unlike 65Host,it can be entered from the Desktop, with a program up and running just by double clicking on the required program. Much simpler than the system used with 65Host to set up a self-running application. PS I wrote this using Wordwise Plus, in 6502Em on the A5000, without any pain due to slow response times (or any other cause for that matter).  To: ELT From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Anybody out there? Hi y'all, this is Jon Ripley here, I was just wondering if the ELITE section in 8BS still exists??? Send in your messages to 'ELT' to keep this thing alive! Cookie: I'm a Hollywood writer; so I put on a sports jacket and take off my brain.                    