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                             To: 999 (all members) From: K3H (ALBERT SCHOFIELD.) Subject: TAPE TO DISC ON THE BBC B A few months ago I dealt with SWARM and I described the protection as devious. SUPER POOL is, if anything, more devious. The main file of which appears to load backwards and of course it has a special loader. However it is not all bad news as when SUPER POOL is transferred to disc it has the facility to save the high score table. A facility which is sacrificed for protections sake on the cassette version. SUPER POOL is in four parts, SUPOOL, POOL, LOADER and the last part has a series of control codes for a file name which vary throughout the file. The first part, SUPOOL, is just the logo for software invasion and can be dispensed with. Load in the second part using :- *LOAD""1900. Alter line 340 to:- 340 CHAIN"LOADER". Leave the two spaces after the line number so as not to upset the screen display. Save to disc using *SAVE POOL 1900+98D. The third part LOADER will have to be replaced by the following program. 10KEY0 *LOAD POOL2 |M*LOAD HISCORE 320A |MCALL&3512 |M 20*FX138,0,128 30END Save to disc as LOADER. The last part is more involved. Load in the third part LOADER from cassette using *LOAD"". Enter ?&70FE=&CA. Then type CALL&7102. THE Searching message appears. Now load in the main file. Save to cassette using :- *SAVE POOL2 1200+2DE4 3512. Switch computer off and on to regain control. Now load the saved file from cassette using *LOAD""1200. Then enter the following seven pokes, pressing RETURN after each one. $&3E7E="Press BREAK to save High Score table" ?&3EA3=&20 ?&3E7D=&83 ?&3E83=&85 ?&3E89=&83 ?&3E91=&85 ?&3E9C=&83 Now save to disc using:- *SAVE POOL2 1200+2DE4 3512 Chaining POOL will now load and run the game with the added facility of saving the high score table. More next month.  From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Programming tip. Making programs return to the menu... If anyone out there is submitting a program for Chris to put on the issue you can easily make the program return to the menu when it is finished. For a BASIC program use: *Exec $.!Boot END or OSCLI"Exec $.!Boot":END The second might be used in a one line program, if this is at the very end of your program and you have no PROCs or FNs then you don't have to have the 'END' in either one! If your program is in machine code then you can use the following to return to the menu! LDX #return`command MOD 256 LDY #return`command DIV 256 JMP &FFF7 EQUS "Exec $.!Boot" EQUB 13 This should be the last thing your program does! Advanced programmers should note that this method will not work if you have deselected BASIC as the current language ROM. Cookie: If at first you don't succeed, quit; don't be a nut about success.  From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Star LC-10 Printer Codes Last issue Ken Davision asked us all if we could provide him with the control codes for his Star LC-10 printer. I don't know if anyone has replied to him yet but, checking my information on this printer I find that it equivalent to an EPSON EX-800 printer insofar as the control codes go. I hope that someone with either printer will get in touch with Ken and give him the information he needs. Unfortunately I am unable to copy or pass on any of the information I have on this printer. The Escape sequences for printing are almost exactly the same as for any other EPSON compatible dot matrix printer so hopefully any printer manual from a friend or the local college or library will be able to help. Cookie: All heiresses are beautiful. -- John Dryden                    