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Disclaimer (and excuses) For your information only, I include this text that is the first version of the EBTEL rules and regulations. This is to give you an idea of what Jon Ripley is working on at this moment and how I plan to implement what may be presented to 8BS by Jon. 8BS is moving on EBTEL again. Work came to a halt (or hardly seems to have got started until recently) due to the main programmer of the software (J.G.Harston) being too busy to find time to program the guts of the system. At 'Not The Acorn User Show 2' we found a new person to take up the torch. Jon Ripley is now working on the system. I have written the following text mainly as a set of specifications for Jon to use as a guideline to work from. I have removed the section about security and accounts for what hopefully are obvious reasons. EBTEL 8-Bit Software Telephone Messaging System Introduction EBTEL is a telephone based messaging system that links in to the 8BS messaging system but is also a messaging system in its own right. EBTEL indirectly links in to the internet allowing 8BS members limited access to the internet. EBTEL is an organisation within 8-Bit Software. Only members of 8BS will be able to join EBTEL. In the spirit of 8BS, EBTEL membership is free. Members of EBTEL will be supplied with a disc containing all the required software for connection to EBTEL. Aims * To allow members of 8-Bit Software to pass messages and software to 8BS for the regular disc based magazine. * To allow members of 8-Bit Software to pass messages to one another via the EBTEL system. * To allow members of 8-Bit Software limited access to the internet. * To allow 8-Bit Software members to send and receive Email. * To allow members of 8-Bit Software to occasionally download specific items of software that they may require. The Hardware Initially EBTEL will initially consist of: Master 512 with 1 megabyte upgrade Twin 3.5" 5.25" disc drive Monitor Hard Disc Drive (30 megabytes) Modem Telephone line These items will be situated at 8BS HQ (17 Lambert Park Road Hedon) The modem will be connected to 01482 896868. The modem is the only item of hardware that is needed, 8BS already has the rest of the required equipment. EBTEL Operating Hours Initially the system will be switched on when the hardware and telephone line is free for use by EBTEL. I envisage this as probably being for short periods on an evening, also, possibly during the daytime. This will depend upon the level of support as I have to consider the running costs of leaving the equipment switched on for long periods. 8BS already has two telephone lines (one for private use). The 8BS line is in constant use for other 8BS related activities. It will therefore always be a matter of juggling the time for EBTEL with other considerations. If support becomes strong enough (a situation I do not envisage), then 8BS could purchase a further line to allow EBTEL to be left switched on permanently. If this situation arose, further hardware would have to be acquired also. A full set of equipment (listed above) would be needed. A Master 128 would be quite sufficient. The only item that would possibly cause a problem to acquire would be a hard drive as these are few and far between. Rules of Operation and Membership of EBTEL Chris Richardson at 8BS HQ is the EBTEL manager. Only members of EBTEL will be allowed access to the EBTEL system. Only 8BS members will be allowed to become members of EBTEL. Membership of EBTEL will be at the discretion of the EBTEL manager. Once a member of EBTEL the member will receive a disc of software and password allowing access to the system. Continued membership of EBTEL is at the discretion of the EBTEL manager. EBTEL members will receive a FREE disc of software that they will not copy or pass on to anyone else. The disc is uniquely identifiable by direct inspection of the catalogue of the disc (*.) and by the EBTEL security system. The disc contains all of the software required to access and use the EBTEL system. The disc is NOT Public Domain and remains the property of 8BS. The manager of EBTEL can request the return of the EBTEL software at any time. EBTEL Specifications * Mode 7 throughout. * Preparation of messages off-line using a text editor similar to the 8BS messaging system. There are 3 distinct types of message. One being the 8BS message intended for the 8BS magazine, another the EBTEL message for collection off the EBTEL system by another EBTEL member and the last being text suitable for Email. * Preparation of upload of software off-line. Software for inclusion in 8BS magazines can be uploaded to 8BS via EBTEL. The software submitted in this manner must follow the guidelines laid down in TBI-00 for submission of software. * Preparation of download of software off-line. Certain items of software may be placed on the EBTEL system for download. Software will be chosen by the EBTEL Manager and placed into the download directory of EBTEL dependent upon demand. * Simple menu driven operation. Menus are the same style as those of 8BS issues. Simple selection of messages/software for upload and download in a session, then connection to EBTEL to carry out the selected operation without further intervention in an attempt to keep on line time down to a minimum. * A call back system to allow EBTEL members in credit to be called from EBTEL if the rate is cheaper (it occasionally is due to free access to Mercury from the Hull area where EBTEL is presently situated). * Security to reduce the risk of non members accessing the system. * The EBTEL members EBTEL disc is uniquely identifiable by direct inspection of the catalogue of the disc (*.) and by the EBTEL security system. The disc contains all of the software required to access and use the EBTEL system. * EBTEL members can access directly the following EBTEL system directories; USER#.*** where # is the relevant user directory and ### is the user id of the EBTEL member. This directory contains messages and files specific to that particular member only. Both read and write is available the member is able to see the contents of the directory. No sub directories are available from this directory. The SOFTWARE.DOWNLOAD directory is also directly accessible by the member as READ ONLY. The directory is visible to the member, access to sub directories is allowed. The SOFTWARE.UPLOAD directories are only available for write and cannot be seen by the member. * The EBTEL system, is the property of 8BS. As such, no individual can claim the right to ownership of the software which is NOT Public Domain. * Changes may be made to the EBTEL software, updates will be issued free of charge to members of EBTEL on the understanding that as soon as an update is received, the disc containing the old version of EBTEL is immediately mailed back to 8BS. Minor alterations to smaller parts of the EBTEL system may be available for download on the EBTEL system. A current list of all programs and current version numbers will be made available on EBTEL. EBTEL System Directories EBTEL is situated on a Winchester hard drive. It therefore runs in ADFS. The directory containing the whole of the EBTEL system is: :0.$.EBTEL. Containing the following files: Email One file containing uploaded messages for Email !Mesg Concatenated 8BS message submitted for 8BS magazines From the EBTEL directory are the following sub directories: Users# Where # is a number between 1 and 20. See further breakdown System Containing everything required to operate EBTEL. See further breakdown Software.Upload# Where # is a number between 1 and 42 Software.Download Containing anything including directories The Users# directories contain: EBTEL messages for download by individual members The System directory contains: All files necessary for the operation of EBTEL LOGONH Log on History All records relating to members of EBTEL. The records will include passwords, and account details.