8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Hello again! This is the 1997 Christmas issue of the 8BS magazine. We had planned an amazing mother of all demos for this issue, but unfortunately, nothing came of it due to the volunteer programmers not finding time to do it. So instead, as a consolation, I have compiled a Christmas disc, TBI-117. The first 150 lucky recipients of the 5.25" version 8BS magazine will also receive a FREE copy of TBI-117, which is DFS only by the way. The reason for 5.25" only is that I have a surplus of tatty 5.25" discs, unfortunately 3.5" discs come dear, any member using 3.5" is welcome to a free copy of TBI-117 before Christmas as long as they send a formatted disc AND p+p. I know that the free discs I am sending out are a bit old and tatty, but they are FREE, if you have any problems with them, please send one of your own discs and p+p for a replacement. I am aware that some of you had very strong feelings about the 'cookies' on issue 59. I can assure you that this will not happen again. Some of you may be wondering what happenned to the double DFS issues. There are a number of reasons for my having reverted back to single DFS issues. The main one being I feel happier with the single issue. Messages and articles will take preference over software if there is shortage of space. Everything was too unwieldy for me with double issues. The 8BS drawer is rapidly running out of space for discs. Submissions had dropped off during the summer and the two discs were becoming less full. You must get your submissions to me well before the deadline date to avoid disappointment. Many submissions arrive just around the deadline date. This has the effect of giving me a lot of work all in one go. More recently, I have allowed a small backlog of submissions to build up, leaving larger submissions sent close to the deadline until the next issue. All submissions will eventually be used, if your submission does not make the issue, it will be on the following one. Mutiny? I have had one or two reports back that there are mutterings about the demise of 8BS. This is the first I have heard of it! If you have any problems with 8BS. TALK TO ME! I will then do something about it. It is no good wittering in the background is it? Me. I am a Paramedic working 12 hour shifts for the Humberside Ambulance Service. You can find out when to ring me if you examine the shift calculator on 8BS 59. Have a good Christmas. See you next time. Chris.