8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                  From:D4J (Oliver Debus) Subject: For Sale via 8BS Oliver has sent me a box full of software and things. He has asked me to sell them for him and to put the credit into his 8BS account for future issues. Send requests for items and payment to 8BS. Cheques to C.J.Richardson please. In true 8BS fashion, all prices include postage. Tape Software: `1.50p each unless otherwise stated. Vegas Jackpot Physics O/A Level Gemini Easiledger Gemini InvStat Revise GCE/CSE English. 2 Tapes `3 The Computer Programme. Programs 1 The Computer Programme. Programs 2 Secondary Science. Micro Technology. Software On Disc: `3.50p each. A Question Of Sport Electric Fields. An Interactive Simulation. Books: The Good Software Guide. `3 Discover Your Electron. P.Williams. `3 BBC Soft Home Finance Instructions. `1 Z88 Soft Carry Case `5  From: K7E (Stuart Kempner) Subject: For Sale Master 128 `60.00 Philips colour monitor, with RGB, Video input and Scart connection `50.00 6502 2nd processor & rom `25.00 BBC B, DFS, & ATPL board `40.00 Akther twin 5/¼ disc drives, with built in PSU, plinth and switchable 80T/40T `50.00 Master 128 battery holder `5.00 Computer Concepts speech rom boxed like new with 3 chips `20.00 AMX mouse & rom `10.00 Plinth for Beeb `5.00 Watford Ram/Rom board `20.00 Beebug magazines: `0.75 each Volume Numbers 1 6,7,9,10 2 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,10 3 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 4 1,2,3,4,5,7,8 5 1,3,4,5,7 Disc software: `3.50 each Beverly Hills Cop Superior Soccer Bone Cruncher Football Director Grand Prix Arcade Soccer Sporting Triangles Quest 007 License To Kill Hyper Sports Commando Hi#View Elite Tape Software: `1.50 each Emmerald Isle Killer Gorilla Lords of Time Footer Castle Quest Oblivion Elite Chess Planetoid Moon Cresta Sliding`Block Puzzles Micro Derby Gateway to Karos Raven skull Draughts and Reversi Akkanoid Missile Base The Sentinel Rocket Raid Countdown Revs Yie Ar Kung-Fu Revs 4 Tracks Welcome Contract Bridge Eagle Aces High Jump Jet Trivial Pursuit (BBC) Dragon Rider Play it again Sam Alien Crystal Castles The Hobbit Twin Kingdom Valley The Way of the Exploding Fist Mexico '86 Repton Repton 2 Vortex Seek Util-1 The Generators Word-wise Typing Tutor program for Wordwise plus Adventure into BBC Basic Sea Lord Time Machine Beach-Head Steve Davis Snooker Impossible Mission Football Manager DeathStar Spacewarp Eldorado Gold Ring Stuart on an evening on: 01819417824  From: 3WU (Fred Price) Subject: BOOK SALE Two very handy repair books for the BBC; The Acorn Service Manual and the Wise Owl Publications HARDWARE GUIDE for the BBC Microcomputer, both used `6 each or `11 the pair. Part 2 Introducing Basic Part 3 Applying Basic. Both of these are from Cambridge Learning Enterprises `6 the pair. 8 Orchard St Pallion Tel 0191 567 91 35 Sunderland City SR4 6QL Fred  From: E3M (Steve Allsopp) Subject: ** For Sale ** More or less the same as last month so if any one wants a list of the items, which include tapes, books, ROM's, some with instructions, and various pieces of hardware then please phone or write 01753 822197 45 THE CHERRIES WEXHAM COURT ESTATE SLOUGH BERKS SL2 5TS. Tapes are 25p each plus post, books are one pound plus post and ROM's are three pounds each.  From: D6F (John Crane) Subject: FOR SALE ELECTRON with Acorn +1,Cassette Recorder,few blank tapes,intro cassette,VIEW Cartridge and Advanced User Guide #25 (inc p+p).Will split ********* John Crane 34 St Andrews Walk Harrogate N.Yorks HG2 7RL (01423) 885049  From: 3WU (Fred Price) Subject: For Sale Are you any good at repairing BBCs? I have got the Acorn BBC Service Manual or Wise Owl Publications Hardware Guide Guide For The BBC. Both these books are used but in good order, make me an offer for one or both, Watford 13 Rom Board with some Roms in it but no manual `10 Watford 32K Ramcard ready to plug in but no manual `6 Acorn LOGO with manuals disc Roms and cassette `5 Longtron Logo with manual and disc and Rom `5 Fred Price 8 Orchard St Pallion Sunderland City SR4 6QL 0191 567 91 35                    