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                               From: D3W (PETER D.WATERS) Subject: 5.25" DISK DRIVES THE MASTER 128 WITH A WORDWISE PLUS CHIP, IS A FIRST CLASS WORD PROCESSOR, AND DOES EVERYTHING I WOULD WANT. WHAT A PITY IT IS THAT I COULD BE WRITTEN OFF DUE TO LACK OF DISK DRIVE. I THOUGHT I HAD LOOKED AHEAD AND PUT ASIDE HARDWARE SPARES, BUT I AM NOW DOWN TO ONE WORKING 80 T, AND IF THIS PACKS IN I AM FINISHED. AN 80 T OPUS WENT CRUNCH. OPUS DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW, AND BEEBUG CAN'T FIX IT. THREE OF THE SPARES I THOUGHT I HAD WERE 1.2M HIGH DENSITY TYPES, WHICH WON'T WORK WITH OUR DFS OR ADFS. NEITHER ARE THEY GOOD FOR SPARES, EVERY SINGLE COMPONENT BEING DIFFERENT IN EACH. WITHOUT A DISK DRIVE, THIS MACHINE IS JUST A PILE OF USELESS JUNK AS FAR AS WORD PROCESSING IS CONCERNED. THOUSANDS OF BEEBS AND ASSOCIATED HARD AND SOFTWARE WERE SOLD, ONLY TEN YEARS OR SO AGO. WHERE HAVE THEY ALL GONE? I NEVER SEE THEM AT CAR BOOT SALES. THERE SHOULD BE SUFFICIENT SPARES OUT THERE TO KEEP ALL US ECCENTRICS GOING FOR YEARS TO COME. HELP, ANYONE?! I CAN BE CONTACTED ON TEL/FAX 01904 709338  From: 15A (Steven Flintham) Subject: Colour composite video Does anyone know how to convert an Electron to give colour composite video output? I know there was a message a few issues ago about how to convert several machines but I don't think the Electron was mentioned.  From: E4Y (Mike GALVIN) Subject: Disk drives I have just purchased a Tandon TM65-2L there are also marked D-25B SANKYO 702v on the circuit board, there is a 34 way edge conector also a 4 pin inline socket which I assume the 5V & 12V feed go..there is no indication as to wireing apart from the 34w which looking from the rear marked 2 and 34 left and extreme right which indicates to me even nos on the top odd on the bottom ie 1 to 33. There is also a side selector marked; DS 3 PIN 6 DS 0 PIN 8 DS 1 PIN 10 DS 2 PIN 12 MUX PIN 14 Can anyone help as the BBC B manual dont have the same lettering on the wiring diagram .  From: E4Y (Mike GALVIN) Subject: Mice While on the subject of wiring I also picked up a mouse 3 button German the wiring inside is as follows; DTR COLOUR WHT G COLOUR BLU RTS COLOUR GN RXD COLOUR OR TXD COLOUR BRN SG COLOUR BLK What I require is the pins at the I O port looking into the port from the rear of the BBC or Master Mike G tel 01703 320725 postage will be refunded on diagrams.  From: E4Y (Mike GALVIN) Subject: AMX ART I have in my possesion the above disk which on entering,rom not found I did manage to print a file but on trying to do it again failed, all I get is bad program On my C64 programs that wont load can be listed..is there any way this can be done on BBCs as I have a disk which some programs load but others get the bad program message If anyone can help with the above problems all postage will be refunded My postal address is: Mike Galvin 5 Regents pk gdns Regents Pk Southampton SO15 8SD 01705 320725  From: E2U (LEN MAPP) Subject: LEARNING basics OF MASTER 128 New member,novice,would like to hear of other members experiences of beginning to learn computing e.g. sources of basics the Manuals assume that you already know. I have Welcome Guide and Reference Manuals.  From: E2U (LEN MAPP) Subject: ANALOGUE AND USER PORTS New member would like to hear of members experiences or suggested reading on programming using these ports for data acquisition and control.  From: E2U (LEN MAPP) Subject: CONCEPT KEY BOARD Wanted,information on Concept A3-128 What can it be used for? How is it used? software required? Type of connecting lead for Master and P.C.  From: E3J (Roy Keeling) Subject: CANON PRINTER I have recently got a Canon BJ300 Bubblejet printer,but no information with it. Does anyone have a Manual either for sale or to loan.I particularly need the DIP switch settings and Control Codes. Are the cleaning kits which I have seen advertised,worth buying or does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning the print head etc ? Any help to get this printer 'up and running' will be appreciated. Roy Keeling, 18 Tongue Lane, BUXTON, Derbys. SK17 7LD TEL: 01298 26986  From: L1M (Janny Looyenga) Subject: Paragon game The January '94 Micro User has a screen designer for Paragon and two example screens which can only be played with this game. Who can tell me more about that? Is it a type-in game from the Micro User or? And where can I find it else?  From: L1X (Mark Usher) Subject: File Formats I am trying to get the details of various file formats, especially Interword, View, Wordwise etc, preferably with definitions for the control codes used. Can anyone help?  From: L1X (Mark Usher) Subject: Hard Drive Layout There exists some PCB layouts in the Pineapple format for the BBC, detailing a Hard Drive Host Adapter. Does anyone have these files?                    