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                                   To: 999 (all members) From: K4F (Brian Dunn) Subject: Wanted Does anyone have a TIF1 interface for use with Technical Softwares RX-4 program to receive RTTY and Morse Code,or a circuit diagram of the interface.Also wanted any info on the Mertec Companion DFS adaptor for the Master Compact. My Address is Brian Dunn 17 Duke Street Clayton-le-Moors Accrington Lancs. BB5 5NQ Or Telephone 01254 391682  To: 999 (all members) From: L1T (Jeremy Stanton) Subject: Cheats / trainers for games I am looking for games on disk for my BBC micro. I already have the original versions, but I cannot get the 8BS cheats to work. Can anybody help? The games I require are Blagger, Pharoah's Curse, Snapper (old or new), Positron, Arcadians, Firebird, Eagle Empire, Bumble Bee, Hopper, Crawler, Monsters, Starship Command, Bandit, Maze, Future Shock, Bug Eyes 2, Palace of Magic, Ultron, Meteors, Microball, Fire track, Tempest, Star drifter, Ricochet, Time lapsed and The Gate! I love the games on my BBC! Any other games lovers out there, please contact me. I am also looking for a version of Space Invaders which was an exact emulation of Taito Space Invaders part 2. I also require the solution to Pimania. I actually purchased both of the above programs in 1983! I also own an Amiga 1200, Commodore 64 and a Master 128 with a 65c102 second processor. I have many other games with cheats. I will of course pay all postage costs etc as I do live in Cairo! Thank you to every one who helped me with my technical queries in the past. I am sorry that I cannot send in my message disks on a more regular basis, but it is not easy to send disks out of Egypt. Jeremy Stanton 17 Gabarti Street Manchiet el Bakri Cairo Egypt Fax: 00 20 2-455 2138 Tel: 00 20 2-295 1818  To: 999 (All members) From: E3M (Steve Allsopp) Subject: **Items Wanted** I would be very keen to obtain any of the following items of software and hardware that are suitable for my BBC B if they are within my price range. Micro-Voice which comes with it's own microphone and was produced by R&D Speech Systems.Interactive 3D (drawing program) tape or disc. Amx Pagemaker ROM. Music Publisher ROM by Hybrid Tech Ltd. Studio 8 by BeeBug (disc). Printwise disc. Wapping Editor ROM. BeeBug Applications Disc I. BeeBug Magazines V.10 No.10 V.11 No.2 V.11 No.7 V.11 No.8 V.11 No.3 V.10 No.2 V.10 No.7 V.4 No.3 V.5 No.10 V.7 No.6 And finally a device called HANDISCAN (picture scanner by Watford Electronics. If anybody could help me with these items I would be very grateful. I can be contacted on 01753 822197 or by post at 45 THE CHERRIES WEXHAM COURT ESTATE SLOUGH BERKS SL2 5TS  1From: E3M (Steve Allsopp) Subject: Wanted I am looking for some manuals on the following software... Murom Printwise Fontwise If any members are able to help then please write or phone. 45 The Cherries Wexham Court Estate Slough Berks SL2 5TS 01753 822197  From: D7Y (Andrew Medworth) Subject: Wanted - C compiler Recently there have been a few compiled C progs submitted to 8BS by various people. I use PCs a lot as well as BBCs and I have got a C compiler for my PC, but I am now looking for one for the BBC so that I can (hopefully) run my BBC programs on my PC. I know a few such products have been released, such as Acornsoft C compiler and Beebugsoft C compiler, but I can find no details of them in the 8BS catalogue (they may be ROMs) or in the 8BS advert. Does know where I could get a C compiler or interpreter? I have seen a "small C compiler" in the 8BS software library - what is the difference between this and the "real" thing? If anyone has one on disk, please could you contact me? I have a fairly large collection of software that I could exchange for such a thing. I'd rather not use one on ROM, as I'm absolutely swamped with them - two ROM cartridges on my Master, a ROM/RAM card and a ZIF socket in my Beeb all full! Thanks a lot. Andrew Medworth D7Y 45 MIlton Avenue Bath BA2 4QZ Tel. 01225 422892 out of school hours please!                    