8-Bit Software Online Conversion

ARTICLES FOR SALE FROM SPROW. Last update 30-Nov-1997 Send to: R.P.Sprowson,6 Bollinbrook Road,MACCLESFIELD,Cheshire.SK10 3DJ By fax: 01625 431067 (use +44 1625 431067 if outside UK) By email: rps102@york.ac.uk (not during summer break,July to October) On the internet: http://www.york.ac.uk/~rps102/bbc/forsale.htm Postage: except if marked otherwise postage is given in multiples of 26p which MUST be added to the total price.eg.if it says "...add P&P3" then that item would cost 3 x 26p = 78p to post. *SPECIALS ***FREE DOS filing system software (allows transparent access to 720k DOS*** ***disks on a BBC when you buy the Official Acorn 1770 upgrade (below)*** -NEW! Official Acorn 1770 upgrade,includes all chips required,DFS on ROM and manual.Allows BBC's to have ADFS due to double density writing (ADFS chip not supplied),and makes 3.5" drives faster in most cases.£25 +P&P4 ***FREE postage on all BBC machines until 1st January 1998.Saves the *** ***equivalent of £5 on the price*** -BBC B with Econet upgrade fitted.Issue 7 board inside.NFS 3.34.£23 -BBC B.Just cassette FS.Issue 7 board inside.BASIC II.OS 1.20.£20 (two left) -BBC B.Acorn DFS 1.20.Issue 7 board inside.BASIC II.OS 1.20.£29 (two left) -HALF PRICE ROMS! "Xtend";"BeebMon";"InterChart";"Max Desktop";and "Termi" are all reduced to half their marked price - see ROMWARE section for details. (P&P remains unaltered) -9 FOOT foil Christmas garland.Christmas decor to span your room.50p + P&P1 -GIFT IDEA! BBC video "Red Dwarf - Smeg Ups",BBCV5406,15 certificate.Ideal present for any Dwarfer.£8 + P&P4 -GIFT IDEA! 60in1 Electronics project lab (Tandy#28-256).Boxed with manual. £7 + P&P8 -GIFT IDEA! Lego Pirate Raft,model 6257,boxed (though not original) with original assembly instructions.(Not for children under 3: contains small parts).£4+P&P2 -£2 OFF Brand new 60mm FAN,12v DC for cooling the innards of a computer.Now £9.P&P3 *ROMWARE -Doomsday 1.13 for 8 Bit Acorns.Corrects year 2000 problem on Master (or any other BBC series that supports Osword 14&15 and Osbyte 161&162).Comes with comprehensive manual and also adds *ROMS;*CLOSE;*CONFIGURE TIMEZONE;*SHOW; *DIR;*LIB and *DRIVE commands to fix various other problems and deficiencies. Only £4.48 +P&P2. -Carbon foam lined ROM carrier.Holds up to 3 ROM chips.No more bent pins! £2 P&P1. -WordWise+.Computer Concepts.1984.With reference & introduction manuals. £4.50 + P&P3. -Non windowed BASIC II,OS 1.20,DFS 1.20,OS2.00 (all by Acorn).£6 + P&P1.Rid your machine of non genuine EPROMs as Acorn never released these on windowed chips! -Aries B-32 support ROM for their RAM board for a BBC B.WE.Full manual.£3.P&P2 -Commstar (PACE '85) V1.30 for BBS' and modemming.Full manual.£3.P&P2 -Termi.Terminal emulation ROM.Computer Concepts.£2.P&P2 -BeebMon.WE 1983.Machine code aid.£3.P&P2 -MultiBASIC (CMS Soft 1985).Adds full multitasking to BASIC II.Rom and manual £4.P&P2 -Interchart.The charting part of the "Inter" series,with manual.£4 + P&P2 -Xtend (*commands to aid BASIC in a similar manner to Beebug's Toolkit does). £3.P&P2 -AMX MAX desktop ROM and manual - brings a nicer look to your beeb/Master.£2. P&P3 *HARDWARE (ADDONS) -Watford Electronics Quest mouse,Quest paint ROM,and full user guide.£14.P&P6 -Expansion ROM board by ATPL.Includes FULL manual and gives the BBC B a full complement of 16 ROMs plus the option of sideways RAM.£25 + P&P5 -AMX SuperArt,original manual,ROM,suitable mouse and disk set.1986 Elliot Software.£10.P&P6 -Digimouse,manual,and a neat drawing package for use with mouse.£6.P&P6 -Aries B20 board,parasites off the 6502 socket and adds 20k shadow RAM to a normal BBC so the variable 'HIMEM' is always at &8000.Has driver ROM too,£15. P&P4. -RS232 kit for Master Compact,give your computer a serial port (not fitted on standard model).Acorn part ADF15 with full fitting instructions in several languages! £9.50.P&P2 -4Meg/2Meg boards.A bit more fiddly to add than the Aries B20,but with more features - too many to list here, but basically it's a mass of RAM (in banks made from 8k SRAM chips).Comes with support ROM and all required hardware. One has manual,£19.P&P6 and the other has no manual hence is £16.P&P6. -Viglen cartridge system starter pack.Your ROMs go in carriers,and the carriers (one supplied) then fit into this socket.Comes with fitting info.£3.P&P2 -EPSON P40 printer with Centronics interface (printer lead available). Selectable codepage (so that £ sign appears either as a £ or a Yen sign) and end of line character.No need to change ribbon - the impact head doesn't need one.Just 680g,measuring 22cm x 13cm x 5cm high in a bone grey case.Refill rolls still available (from Farnell) and one is supplied to get you going. Will run off external PSU (from Argos),or from internal rechargeable battery pack supplied.£23.P&P9 -Dimmer/drill control for loads upto 2.5kW See RS item #568-051 for full spec. Suitable for resistive or inductive loads RS price £64.Now £12.50! add P&P7. Two left *CUSTOM -Eprom programming servicePROGRAM NEW ROM £3.50 + return postage stamps SUPPLY BLANK ROM ONLY £3.00 + return postage stamps ERASE AND REPROGRAM ROM £1.00 + return postage stamps ERASE ONLY 50p + return postage stamps -Having problems with programming/hardware? Drop me a line as I offer to fix any 8 bit Acorn related hardware.Please write for an estimate before sending off hardware - ALL repairs are guaranteed. -Acorn's application notes are available @ 30p each,regardless of length. Send SAE & 2 stamps for list.