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                             ReplyTo: L1M (Janny Looyenga) From: K8G (Jonathan Harston) Subject: Font Saver Why do you need two different programs for saving Beeb fonts and Master fonts? You access them in exactly the same way on both - that's the whole point about upward compatibility. Even if you didn't, you should ask what machine you are running on, and alter what your program does accordingly. Looking at the code, the only difference between the B and M versions is that the B version first checks to see if the character set is exploded sufficiently. Why does this need a completely different program? The normal method (and recommended) is to do something like: IF os<3 THEN (I am a B or a B+) IF notexploded THEN Complain (or explode it anyway) ENDIF ENDIF By having different programs according to what machine it is on, you create problems when distributing code. It is much easier to get the code itself to decide what machine it is running on than to ask the person ordering it from you who may not even know what you're talking about. About... oou... 13 years ago I wrote two commands, *CLoad and *CSave for loading and saving character definitions when I wrote my first sideways Rom - a character set collection. I've enclosed them on this disk.  ReplyTo: D9F (Gary Scott) From: K8G (Jonathan Harston) Subject: BBC Fonts In my PD Library disk 16 there are various programs and utilities for defining characters on the BBC. I have enclosed the main program DefChar along with the instructions file on this disk.  ReplyTo: D5B (Jon Ripley) From: K8G (Jonathan Harston) Subject: Messaging System F-Keys Probably the best solution to what order the function keys should be in is to let the user decide. The modified SendMes program I use has an additional startup option: Keyboard Layout Old/New/Modified. This way I can have the keys where I expect them (Shf1=Red, etc.), Jon can have them where he wants them (Shf1=Yellow) and other people can have the original layout (Shf1=Green). I'm currently working the latest version of SendMes into my modifications and I'll submit it when it is stable.  ReplyTo: 20G (Roy Dickens) From: K8G (Jonathan Harston) Subject: Messaging System F-Keys With the colour keys on Shift-F and Ctrl-F as normally set by the MOS, I put the other functions (Double Height, Backgrounds, etc) on the Normal-F keys. In effect I cut off the top of the function keystrip and glued it on the bottom, and cut the righthand end off and glued it on the left. The version of SendMes I use even allows you to use £ signs, which the main version, for some bizarre reason, doesn't. I've enclosed a program MesgKey that prints out the Messaging System keystrips. On running, it asks which keyboard layout to print out. Enter one of the following: 0 for old (original) layout 1 for new (MOS-style) layout 2 for modified (Ripley) layout  To: 999 (all members) From: K3H (ALBERT SCHOFIELD.) Subject: TAPE TO DISC ON THE BBC B. Wizzy's Mansion is a game which is quite well protected but to transfer it to disc is once again easy when you know how. This game is in six parts as follows:- MANSION!, **********, PINK-FLOYD, MOTORHEAD, Differing filenames and MOTORHEAD. The first part MANSION! merely *RUNs the second part and can be dispensed with. The second and third parts contain the protection and show the title page and they also can be dispensed with. The game itself is in the last three parts. So load in part four, MOTORHEAD,from cassette using:- *LOAD""1E40. The fifth part has changing filenames so enter *OPT2,0 to force the computer to load it. Then load the file from cassette using:- *LOAD""2040. Ignore the File? messages. Finally, load in the last part, MOTORHEAD, from cassette using:- *LOAD""1900. Now enter *DISC and save to disc using:- *SAVE MANSION 1900+4F40 1185 8C0 This file loads at &8C0 so it will need to be downloaded. If you have the *MRUN facility then typing:- *MRUN MANSION will load and run the game. Otherwise you will need to use a downloader of your choice. More next month.  To: 999 (all members) From: D6G (Sprow) Subject: Elk colour upgrade A few issues back I sent in details of how to upgrade various 8 bit Acorns to have colour composite video outputs. The bulk of the text came from one of the 'BBC' archive disks available from Chris for 50p Missing from this disk (as Steven Flintham pointed out) are details of how to upgrade the Electron. A quick look at the circuit diagram reveals that the colour burst circuitry is disconnected from the composite video system by link 4. After a rummage in the loft,I found my Electron and jammed a screwdriver in the link and hey presto - colour. Hope this has been of help, Sprow. 8BSmail: D6G Email: rps102@york.ac.uk Fax: 01625 431067  To: 999 (all members) From: D6G (Sprow) Subject: Bad program listings Mike Galvin was wrestling with a commercial disk that would no longer run - it kept giving the dreaded 'Bad Program' error. Unfortunately this error is terminal and there's not much can be done. Reasons why it might occur,well,either the thing you're LOADing or CHAINing isn't BASIC,or the file is corrupted. Use *DUMP to see if it starts with 0D and ends with FF.If not then that's the problem. Some utilities ROMs (such as Beebug's Toolkit,available from Chris) have a *RECOVER or *GETMEOUTOFTHISSTICKYMESS command that will try to patch together what's left. There it is then, Sprow. 8BSmail: D6G Email: rps102@york.ac.uk Fax: 01625 431067  To: 999 (all members) From: D6G (Sprow) Subject: Len Mapp's Concept Keyboard Len wanted to know if he could make use of the ingenious Concept Keyboard on a PC. Well,Mike Cook did some articles on how to get something out of it and into an Acorn Risc PC through the parallel port. You'll need a bidirectional parallel port to simulate the beeb's user port and then a good head for software. If you want it to appear just like a normal keyboard and work seemlessly then you'll need to write a device driver.Best of luck!! If it's just a home grown program you have in mind then QBasic's (supplied free with DOS - because nobody would pay for that!) OUT and IN commands are the equivalent to BBC BASICs ? operator. Mike Cook submits to Acorn User still,so I think that might be the place to start searching - for back issue. IDG Media Tytherington Business park MACCLESFIELD Cheshire He also has webpages with his past articles on.He's at the Manchester University Physics Department's website. Sprow. 8BSmail: D6G Email: rps102@york.ac.uk Fax: 01625 431067  To: 999 (all members) From: D6G (Sprow) Subject: Timelines Crispin Boylan is hoping to create an Acorn releases timeline.And not before time! The Atom came out in 1980 The Elk came out in 1982 The Risc PC came out in 1995 NOT 1996 as listed. That's about all I think. Sprow. 8BSmail: D6G Email: rps102@york.ac.uk Fax: 01625 431067  To: 999 (all members) From: D6G (Sprow) Subject: RTTY receivers Martin Dunn was toying with this idea of using the Beeb to receive RTTY data for free over the airwaves. I suggest reading in depth a past Maplin Electronics article,from issue 32 page 16. It details hardware and the format of sending data and includes a BASIC program to decode the info.Though not BBC BASIC I'm sure that won't be a problem. Sprow. 8BSmail: D6G Email: rps102@york.ac.uk Fax: 01625 431067  To: 999 (all members) From: D6G (Sprow) Subject: Chip shop As new chips are available from Maplin and or Farnell Electronic components (Canal Road,Leeds) for the following 6850 - Serial sender (ACIA) 6502 - processor SAA5050 - teletext chip 68B54 - Econet chip 6845 - CRTC ROMs - all 74xx series logic - all Unfortunately I can't seem to find these DRAM chips 1770 disk controller Custom made ULAs Speech upgrade And Grandata (Pop in commercial centre,Wembley,LONDON) sell Intel's overpriced overheating disk controller 8271 - disk controller Unless of course,you know different! Sprow 8BSmail: D6G Email: rps102@york.ac.uk Fax: 01625 431067                    