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                                   To: 999 (all members) From: E4N (Rik Page) Subject: Hardware Wanted Does anyone have a spare twin 40/80 double sided 5.25 drive that they will sell me at a reasonable price? I can be contacted on 01652 651758 leave me a message on the answering machine if I am not there. Don't worry if it doesn't have a case as it is going to be built into a PC style case I have acquired.  To: 999 (all members) From: K4F (Brian Dunn) Subject: Wanted Has anyone got the Manuals or any info for the Solidisk SWR128k and the Solidisk double density disk interface I am also still looking for any info for the Mertec Companion for a Master Compact.All costs will be met. Please Phone 01254 391682 Or Write to Brian Dunn 17 Duke Street Clayton-le-Moors Accrington Lancashire BB5 5NQ  To: 999 (all members) From: E3M (Steve Allsopp) Subject: ** ITEMS WANTED ** I'm still looking for BeeBug magazines. I would also be interested in getting hold of the following bits and pieces, and if you also have the necessary manuals, ROMs and supporting discs that would be even better! Micro Voice with microphone. 3D Drawing. Music Publisher (rom) by Hybrid Technology Ltd. Studio 8 by BeeBug. Handiscan made by Watford Electronics. Manual for Fleet Street Editor and any library discs. Manual for Murom and the supporting library disc of sounds. And finally, as they say on News at Ten, something that would appear to be rarer than hens teeth............... ** A Hard Drive ** for my Master 128. Another 8BS member has promised to do his best to supply me with one, but of the two he had, only one seemed to be useable and he didn't hold out much hope for the other one. (Thanks for anyway Ian) Please 'phone or write.. 45 The Cherries Wexham Court Estate Slough Berks SL2 5TS 01753 822197  To: 999 (all members) From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: MOUSE BOOKS WANTED PLEASE Not about pet or wild but about the one on my RISC PC. I have been trying to change some basic programs so that the mouse can be used. This is not the desktop type but ordinary basic type. I have managed to look at and use some PD procedures but it has been a bit of or should I say a lot of hit and miss and trial and error! Martin Wilson is letting me have the 'Mouse User Guide' from his For Sale list. So if there are any other books about the subject that will help me or that you have for sale please let me know. Roy Dickens 40 Short Stocks, Rushden Northants NN10 0EB 01933 355556 Thank You.  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (Martin Wilson) Subject: Help needed with A3010 I've got one of the first 200 A3010s that has separate main chips instead of the Arm250 and recently had an Arm socket fitted so that I could use an Arm3 with it. After having this done and getting an Arm3 I find they don't work together. Please note that the original Arm2 chip works in the socket with no problems. However the results with the Arm3 are non existent. Literally the same as no Arm chip in the socket at all. I don't even get the coded floppy drive sequence telling me what sort of error it is. The Arm3 is fine and other Arm3 chips have been tried in the A3010. Its as if the Arm3 isn't initialising at all. Could it be the memory speed being 12mhz. Any advice, suggestions or helpful technical doc files or images would be appreciated. Any timing oscillators from scrapped Acorn motherboards would also be helpful. Perhaps trying a memory speed of 8Mhz would cure it and still give me a reasonable speed increase. Martin Wilson 32 Grass Royal Yeovil Somerset BA21 4JW Tel.01935 425974  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (Martin Wilson) Subject: Early 8BS issues Wanted a contact to swop 8BS issues and other software. Especially Archimedes owners with ADFS 1.6MEG floppy drives. I can get somewhere between 4-8 issues on one disk compressed and prefer swopping issues this way. 8BS60 compressed to less than 200k using Packdir. I'm only after about 20 issues in all. I've got just about all from 40 onwards and before that I've got roughly half. I'm also after issues of any other BBC or Electron PD/freeware diskmags of whatever age. Again I've got a fair few Solinets and one issue of EUG. I'm also after Archimedes diskmags and text based magazines possibly HTML from the internet. Software I:ve got to swop; 100s of emulator images; NES, Gameboy, PC Engine, Megadrive, SNES, Mastersystem. 100s of mods, protracker, screamtracker etc Lots of interesting text files 100s of images Lots of Archimedes PD/shareware Lots of BBC/Electron PD/shareware Lots of PC software especially earlier stuff that works with; Master 512 Archimedes software PC emulator Archimedes Hardware emulator Why not send a 3.5 disk (DFS to ADFS or even MSDOS) with your lists on and what your after. I'll send mine in return. Simple disk for disk swopping Martin Wilson 32 Grass Royal Yeovil Somerset BA21 4JW Tel.01935 425974 Why pay PD companies a pound a disk when you can simply swop for a fifth of the price. Please note while I can handle 5 1/4 disks I prefer 3.5 and 5 1/4 disks will slow me down EDITOR....... I could not let Martin's message go by without comment! All 8BS back issues are available from the 8BS pool. I can Email zipped images of any of the discs from the pool to you. I can think of a reason why you would pay a PD software house #1 a disc! People that run these libraries spend a fair amount of their time organising them. A measly #1 a disc hardly covers costs when you sit down and work out what costs are involved. Although, in principle, I have no objection to what Martin suggests regarding passing PD software amongst yourselves, please just step back and think about this carefully...... If everyone started doing as Martin suggests, (passing software from 8BS amongst themselves), then 8BS would lose a fair bit of it's meagre income. Costs would cut into my personal finances even more deeply than they do now. 8BS would eventually have to close and Martin would not have a platform such as the 8BS magazine to make these requests from! As I said at the start, of course I do not have any objection in principle to everyone passing PD software amongst themselves. I know it goes on, I had a request from a website on the internet to send some titles from the library as (AN 8BS MEMBER!) had requested them from the site! So, rather than support the club, this member had gone elsewhere for the software. Please consider the wider aspect of what you are doing when obtaining software this way. Remember that 8BS provides a wide range of services to all and sundry. I have gathered together nearly 1000 discs and presented them in a catalogue. I am forever on the lookout for new software too. I do not make money out of 8BS! Presently 8BS is in debt to me (although we have loads of stock which when sold will easily cover this debt).  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (Martin Wilson) Subject: Television Repair Anyone got any info on tv repair. Especially intermittant colour. Its a Beko set (Yeah I know cheap rubbish) and the colour takes about ten minutes to come in and then the longer the set is on the less consistant the colour gets. What looks like the board where all the colour chroma work is done is on a riser board which you can't get to easily with a soldering iron. I did try resoldering some components at the top and this did seem to improve matters slightly but can't get to the ones at the bottom very well. In case anyones looking to buy a new TV I would strongly suggest you don't buy a Beko it looks like real ham fisted design and construction inside. Although I think Which a few years ago but Bush and Ferguson down as the least reliable sets along with Granadas Finlandia sets (not the Hitachi models they use now). I think Hitachi and Sharp are meant to be the most reliable but obviously this varies year by year model by model. Its also worth mentioning that Ferguson sets used to be very reliable especially for a european model with their TX chassis especially more basic models but since the french firm Thomson took over they've gone rapidly down hill and are now very unreliable comparitively. Thats the strange thing about Ferguson tvs now,their sold at quite high prices and yet their rubbish. At least with a Bush you expect them to be unreliable as their so cheap. Do you know Trading Standards spend most of their time dealing with Second Hand Car Sales complaints. However Domestic Appliances comes second. I'd be curious to know if any fellow 8bit members have had horror stories with domestic appliances especially videos and tvs and even computers now I come to think of it. Whose had faults with their BBCs. In the spirit of this and with time on my hands here's my list of Brand Name highs and lows. Sanyo/Fisher Japans answer to Amstrad. Cheapo rubbish that sells on Japans reputation. Me and my brother both had Fisher videos (different models) and they both went wrong. Ferguson Its always been good in my experience. My brother once spilled some lager in the back of his Ferguson tv but we cleaned it up inside and then called the repairman out under guarantee. Pace Fault free satellite system for about 3 years so far. Unlike the Amstrad model it replaced. Sony Nicam video no problems so far. Hitachi Nicam video, minor loading problem cured by myself. Compaq PC generally reliable but the CPU fan kept getting stopped by a ribbon cable nearby and this caused the computer to overheat. Acorn Risc PC (no problems so far) Acorn A4000 (no problems when I had it) Ooops run out of space  To: 999 (all members) From: 3WU (Fred Price) Subject: Wanted Rom Carriers Who or where can I get Spare Rom Carriers for the Master and they can be Viglen - Watford or Care type give me Ring on 0191 567 91 35 or a note to Fred Price 8 Orchard St Pallion Sunderland City SR4 6QL                    