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ARTICLES FOR SALE FROM SPROW Updated 16-Jan-1998 Send to: R.P.Sprowson,6 Bollinbrook road,MACCLESFIELD,Cheshire.SK10 3DJ By fax: 01625 431067 (use +44 1625 431067 if outside UK) By email: rps102@york.ac.uk (not during summer break,July to October) On the internet: http://www.york.ac.uk/~rps102/bbc/forsale.htm Postage: except if marked otherwise postage is given in multiples of 26p which MUST be added to the total price.eg.if it says "...add P&P3" then that item would cost 3 x 26p = 78p to post. *HARDWARE (ADDONS) -Watford Electronics Quest mouse,Quest paint ROM,Utilities disk and full user guide.£15.P&P6 -Expansion ROM board by ATPL.Includes FULL manual and gives the BBC B a full complement of 16 ROMs plus the option of sideways RAM.£25 + P&P5 -Digimouse,manual,and a neat drawing package for use with mouse.£5.P&P6 -Aries B20 board,parasites off the 6502 socket and adds 20k shadow RAM to a normal BBC so the variable 'HIMEM' is always at &8000.Has driver ROM too,£15. P&P4. -RS232 kit for Master Compact,give your computer a serial port (not fitted on standard model).Acorn part ADF15 with full fitting instructions in several languages! £9.50.P&P2 -4Meg/2Meg boards.A bit more fiddly to add than the Aries B20,but with more features - too many to list here,but basically it's a mass of RAM (in banks made from 8k SRAM chips).Comes with support ROM and all required hardware.One has manual,£19.P&P6 and the other has no manual hence is £16.P&P6. *HARDWARE (SPARES) -Cassette port lead goes from 7 pin to 2 x 3.5mm jacks and a 2.5mm motor control jack.£2 P&P2 -RAM chips to suit ATPL/Solidisk/Watford boards.£4.40 each +P&P1 (you usually need two) -Dual phono to phono audio extension lead (male plugs at both ends).£2.50.P&P3 -Lighter socket to mini (3.5mm) power plug.Charge your torch from the car! £1. P&P3 -Parallel printer lead (25 way D plug to tinned wire ends).1m in length £2.P&P2 -25 pin D male to 25 pin D female adapter plug.£1.P&P2 -UV tubes,example use - to detect forged bank notes.6" length,4W.£2.50 each -Junior hacksaw blades 50p each + P&P1 -Pack of 10x 13A fuses (to BS1362) £1 + P&P1 -Spare power lead for Electron (NB does not include PSU).Free but add P&P1. *HARDWARE (OTHERS) -Phone lock,sturdy plastic strap stops BT jack plugs being unplugged.50p +P&P1 -Watch,has all usual features +heartrate monitor.By Casio,model TM15,boxed. £35.P&P4 -Watch,has all usual features +electroluminescent backlight.By Casio,model TM16,boxed.£15.P&P4 -Yuasa sealed lead acid battery backup batteries.See Maplin #XG77J (on p74). Maplin price £28,but I'll give you TWO for that price.P&P is £5 for the pair (they're 2.4kg each!) -Mini printing calculator,as new,with 3 spare rolls.Takes 4AA batteries.£20 +P&P5 -EPSON P40 printer with Centronics interface (printer lead available). Selectable codepage (so that £ sign appears either as a £ or a Yen sign) and end of line character.No need to change ribbon - the impact head doesn't need one.Just 680g,measuring 22cm x 13cm x 5cm high in a bone grey case.Refill rolls still available (from Farnell) and one is supplied to get you going. Will run off external PSU (from Argos),or from internal rechargeable battery pack supplied.£23.P&P9 -Dimmer/drill control for loads upto 2.5kW See RS item #568-051 for full spec. Suitable for resistive or inductive loads RS price £64.Now £12.50! add P&P7. Two left -Case for Maplin 'pocket multimeter' with popstud front fastener,testlead Holder & strap.Maplin order code YN65V is a pound less than Maplin - 79p +P&P1. -30A 250v mains junction boxes,brand new and suitable for socket ring mains. £2+P&P2 (3 of left) -Battery eliminator,for 6v or 9v devices - converts mains into round power plugs (4 sizes supplied) and polarity is reversible if reqd.£4.P&P3 *WANTED Amounts mentioned are flexible depending on condition,extras etc... -Tube ULA for 6502 2nd processor (UPTO £6) -Spare TMS6100 only (I've already got the TMS5220) 'PhromA' chip (UPTO £3) -Interlinking juntion box for Watford BeebScan,joins handset to 1MHz bus connector (UPTO £10) -Opus double sided 80T/40T disk drive.Model 5802,beige.(UPTO £15)