8-Bit Software Online Conversion

:2.S.Extract - Listing

10MODE7 20*KEY10"OLD|M" 30HIMEM=&6B00 40d1$=CHR$130+CHR$141 50d2$=CHR$131+CHR$141 60PRINTd1$" DFS Disc Image Extract or" 70PRINTd2$" DFS Disc Image Extract or" 80PRINT 90PRINT"What with the difficulty of g etting" 100PRINT"hold of DD discs, a problem t hat can" 110PRINT"only get worse in the near fu ture, we" 120PRINT"are likely to see alot more u tilities" 130PRINT"similar to this one." 140PRINT 150PRINTd1$"Place a formated DFS disc in drive 1" 160PRINTd1$"Place a formated DFS disc in drive 1" 170PRINTd1$"and press Return." 180PRINTd1$"and press Return." 190REPEAT 200K$=GET$ 210PRINTTAB(0,16)d2$"Are You Sure? y/n " 220PRINTTAB(0,17)d2$"Are You Sure? y/n " 230UNTILINSTR("YyNn",K$) 240IFINSTR("Nn",K$):PRINTTAB(2,16)"Ope ration Aborted!":PRINTTAB(2,17)"Operatio n Aborted!":END 250secnum%=10 260B%=&900:I%=&910 270FS$="ADFS":drive%=1 280OSCLIFS$ 290*MOUNT 0 300F$="ARCADE" 310F%=OPENINF$ 320: 330PRINTTAB(2,16)"Extracting Track "CH R$134 340PRINTTAB(2,17)"Extracting Track "CH R$134 350REPEAT 360track%=(PTR#F%DIV256)DIV 10 370OSCLIFS$ 380PROCread`data 390PRINTTAB(25,16)STR$(track%) 400PRINTTAB(25,17)STR$(track%) 410A=INKEY(100) 420*DISC 430PROCwrite`track(drive%) 440A=INKEY(100) 450UNTILEOF#F% 460: 470CLOSE#F% 480*DISC 490*DR.1 500CHAIN"MENU" 510END 520: 530DEFPROCread`data 540B%?0=F% 550B%!1=HIMEM 560B%!5=secnum%*256 570A%=4 580X%=B% MOD 256 590Y%=B% DIV 256 600CALL&FFD1 610ENDPROC 620: 630DEFPROCwrite`track(drv%) 640?I%=drv% 650I%!1=HIMEM 660I%?5=3 670I%?6=&4B 680I%?7=track% 690I%?8=0 700I%?9=&20+&A 710A%=&7F 720X%=I% MOD 256 730Y%=I% DIV 256 740CALL&FFF1 750IFI%?10>0:PRINT"ERROR "I%?10:END 760ENDPROC