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:0.$.3to7 - Listing

10REM "3to7" 80 column to 40 20REM V1.20 30REM Modified JGH 20-Jun-1996 40REM Improved RPS 29-Mar-1997 50IFINKEY(0)=0:INPUT""A$:$&A00=A$ 60*FX229 70*FX4,2 80*KEY15 B 90*KEY14 F 100MODE7:VDU23;8202;0;0;0; 110HIMEM=&2FFF 120DIMscr%(20),code 350,string 80 130PROCassemble:F%=0 140ONERROROSCLI"FX4,0":CLOSE#0:IFERR=1 7 THENOSCLI"Exec $.!BOOT":END ELSEMODE7: REPORT:PRINT:END 150A$=$&A00:IFA$="" ORLENA$>80 ORASCA$ <32 ORASCA$>126:PROCfile ELSE $&A00="" 160PROCheader("Add colour to text ? (Y /N)") 170?&74=(INSTR("Yy",GET$)>0)AND1 180?&72=130 AND(?&74>0) 190F%=OPENIN A$:IFF%=0:PROCheader(A$+" not found"):key%=INKEY(150):PROCfile:GO TO160 200B%=&900:times%=0:back%=0:new%=0 210?&76=?&74:?&71=0 220: 230REPEAT 240IF NOTEOF#F%:new%=1:PROCld 250G%=&3000 260REPEAT:CLS:?&73=0 270REPEAT:CALLcode 280PRINT'CHR$(?&72)$string; 290UNTIL?&73>22 OR G%>=T% 300depth%=(&4000*(times%-1)+G%-&3000)/ (EXT#F%/100) 310PROCheader(RIGHT$(" "+STR$depth%,2) +"%"+" Arrow keys : up & down Esc : end" ) 320*FX21 330REPEATG$=GET$:UNTILINSTR("BbFb:*/?" ,G$) 340IFINSTR("Bb*:",G$) ANDG%>&3000:PROC jumpback 350IFINSTR("Ff?/",G$):PROCjumpforward 360UNTILG%>=T%:UNTILFALSE 370END 380: 390DEFPROCld 400IFback%:times%=times%-1:PTR#F%=scr% (times%) 410IFnew%:times%=times%+1:scr%(times%) =PTR#F% 420H%=EXT#F%-PTR#F%:IFH%>&3FFF:H%=&400 0 430PROCheader("Loading file...") 440A%=4:X%=B% MOD256:Y%=B% DIV256 450?B%=F%:B%!1=&3000:B%!5=H% 460CALL&FFD1 470D%=0:back%=0:new%=0:T%=&3000+H%+D% 480IFPTR#F%=EXT#F% THENENDPROC 490S%=&6FFF 500REPEAT:D%=D%+1:S%=S%+1:R%=BGET#F%:? S%=R%:UNTILR%=13 ORR%=10 OREOF#F% 510S%?1=&FF:T%=&3000+H%+D% 520ENDPROC 530: 540DEFPROCfile:REPEAT:CLS 550PRINTTAB(0,2);" 8-Bit Software 80 t o 40 Column"'" Text Conversion. By C.J.R ichardson."'" Please enter filename to c onvert, or"'" '*' to goto the command li ne."' 560*. 570A$="":*FX138,0,13 580REPEAT 590key%=GET:IF(key%<8 ORkey%>127)ANDke y%<>13 THENGOTO590 600IFkey%=ASC"*" THENkey%=0:VDU&16,7:R EPEAT:PRINT"*";:INPUT""A$:OSCLIA$:UNTILL EN(A$)=0 610IF(key%=127 ORkey%=8)ANDLEN(A$)=0 T HENVDU7 620IF(key%=127 ORkey%=8)ANDLEN(A$)>=1 THENA$=LEFT$(A$,LEN(A$)-1) 630IFLEN(A$)=21 THENVDU7:GOTO660 640IFkey%>32 ANDkey%<127 THENA$=A$+CHR $(key%) 650PROCheader("Enter filename: "+A$) 660UNTILkey%=13 ANDLEN(A$)>0 670ENDPROC 680: 690DEFPROCjumpback 700IFG%<=&3600 AND times%=1:G%=&3000:E NDPROC 710IFG%>&3600:G%=G%-&500:REPEAT:G%=G%- 1:UNTIL ?G%=13 OR G%=&3000:ENDPROC 720back%=1 730PROCld:G%=&6A00:REPEAT:G%=G%-1:UNTI L ?G%=13 740ENDPROC 750: 760DEFPROCjumpforward 770IFG%>(T%-&380):ENDPROC 780REPEAT:G%=G%-1:UNTIL?G%=13 790G%=G%+1:ENDPROC 800: 810DEFPROCheader(line$) 820PRINTTAB(0,0);CHR$157;CHR$132;LEFT$ (line$,37);STRING$(37-LEN(line$)," ") 830ENDPROC 840: 850DEFPROCassemble 860strpos=string 870FOR I%=0TO2STEP2 880P%=code 890[OPTI% 900JSR clear 910.loop 920JSR get 930LDX &74:BEQ a1 940LDA &404:CMP #13:BNE a1 950LDX &75:BEQ a1 960JSR chcol:JMP a2 970.a1 980LDX #0:STX &75 990LDA &404:CMP #13:BNE a2 1000LDX #1:STX &75 1010.a2 1020LDA &404:CMP #13:BEQ a3 1030CMP #126:BCS a3 1040CMP #29:BEQ high 1050CMP #32:BCC a3 1060JSR atob:JMP a3 1070.high 1080LDA &71:BMI a3:½ View type 1090ASL A:BMI skip:½ Extended 1100½ Not yet set: 1110LDY #1:LDA (&80),Y:PHA:INY 1120.highLP 1130LDA (&80),Y:CMP #29:BEQ high2 1140INY:BPL highLP:STY &71:BMI a3 1150.high2 1160INY:LDA (&80),Y:AND #&DF:STA &70 1170LDA #&80:STA &71 1180PLA:AND #&DF:CMP &70:BNE a3 1190LSR &71 1200.skip 1210JSR g0:½ Skip 1220.a3 1230LDA &404:CMP #13:BEQ a5 1240LDX &76:CPX #40:BEQ a5 1250LDX &41D:CPX &451:BCC a4 1260LDX &41C:CPX &450:BCS a5 1270.a4 1280JMP loop 1290.a5 1300LDX &76:CPX #40:BNE a6 1310JSR back:JMP a7 1320.a6 1330LDA &404:CMP #13:BNE a8 1340.a7 1350LDX &74:STX &76:INC &73 1360.a8 1370RTS 1380½ ******* subroutines ******** 1390.clear 1400LDX #0:STX &77 1410LDA #13:STA string,X:RTS 1420.get 1430LDX &41C:STX &80 1440LDX &41D:STX &81 1450LDY #0:LDA (&80),Y:STA &404 1460.g0 1470INC &41C:BNE g1:INC &41D 1480.g1 1490RTS 1500.atob 1510INC &76 1520LDX &77:LDA &404:STA string,X 1530INX:STX &77:LDA #13:STA string,X 1540RTS 1550.chcol 1560INC &72:LDX &72 1570CPX #132:BNE c1 1580LDY #133:STY &72 1590.c1 1600CPX #135:BNE c2 1610LDY #130:STY &72 1620.c2 1630RTS 1640.back 1650LDX &41C:STX &82:LDX &41D:STX &83 1660LDX &77:STX &84 1670.bloop 1680LDY #2 1690.b0 1700LDX &41C:BNE b1:DEC &41D 1710.b1 1720DEC &41C:DEY:BNE b0 1730JSR get 1740DEC &77 1750LDA &404:CMP #32:BEQ b2 1760LDX &77:CPX#1:BNE bloop 1770LDX &84:STX &77 1780LDA #127:STA string,X 1790INX:LDA #13:STA string,X 1800LDX &82:STX &41C 1810LDX &83:STX &41D 1820RTS 1830.b2 1840LDX &77:LDA #13:STA string,X 1850.b3 1860RTS 1870] 1880NEXT:ENDPROC