8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Acorn 8 bit and Archimedes items for sale ***************************************** Contact: Martin Wilson, 32 Grass Royal, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 4JW, TEL 01935 425974 I've tried to work out a fair system of postage so instead of saying a price plus trying to work out the postage for the order by the weight I've gone for a flat rate of £2 postage charge on any size order. These prices reflect one third of the cost approx towards postage. If your local and can collect these prices will come down accordingly. I will consider swopping any hardware/software from what ever format (except old non standard business computers). Also have other hardware/software available for; Amstrad CPC, Spectrum, Sam Coupe, PC, Macintosh, C64/128 and some very rare formats. Acorn 8 Bit Hardware ******************** Master Compact 128k computer with 640k 3.5 drive. Layout as PC with base unit, keyboard and you put your monitor on top. Includes DFS for compatibility and Hires mono monitor. Also lots of software. £50 with monitor. Electron £22 (with manual etc), plus 1 £10, All the above plus datacorder £30 Electron joystick interface (plugs into Electron takes Atari joysticks) £4 Bare 40T 5 1/4 double sided drive £5 Bare 80T 5 1/4 double sided drive £10 NEW! Watford 32k Shadow RAM board for BBC B. Boxed with manual, ROM software etc. 28k free in all modes, 12k printer buffer etc. Easy to fit. Original cost about £70. £15 Watford Sideways ROM board takes upto 12 EPROMs. Also takes 16k (2x8K) RAM. Also battery backed clock and memory option if you fit battery. £11 16k RAM for above £2 Bare 20MEG hard drive suitable for use with BBC hard drive controller £19 Also various BBC B's from £20. Acorn 8 Bit Software ******************** Eproms; Epson dump 3278, Beeb Calc OS 1.2 1022, Exmon E322, Acorn OS 1.2 CEC6, Exmon E322, NovoCad 04F5, Aids 2IEE, Beebbase, Slogger T2P4 (cassette to disk conversion), Basic II 8737, Graphics 14EC, Acorn DFS 0190, Murom 7E24, Slogger Starstore II (database), NovoCAd 0AF5, AIDS 2IEE, Sleuth 70AF, OP2.1 Oxford Pascal E610, Graphics 14EC, Epson Dump 3278, Oxford Pascal E610, Acorn DFS 0190 + 8 unlabelled Eproms. £2.25 each Wide range of 8 bit PD/shareware available for sale or swop. 3.5 or 5 1/4 formats. 80 track only DFS and ADFS. 75p per disk plus 75p towards P&P Can also upload to your computer various PD if you have a modem. 33,600 maximum speed plus all slower. You pay phone call and upload about one tenth of what I send you as payment for my time. I'm not too fussy on what you upload to me as long as I haven't got it already. My 1/10 starts first. Electron Games cartridges: Hopper £2 Electron Games Tapes. Citadel 50p, Castle of Skull Lord 25p, Reversi by Superior 65p, Blitzkreig 75p, Boxer 15p, Hyperdrive 45p, Peeko Computer 15p, Sphinx Adventure 35p, Caterpillar 75p, Snapper 25p, Super Pool 75p, Gunsmoke 45p, Incredible Hulk £1, 3D Bomb Alley 65p, Hopper 25p, 3D Maze 75p, Boxer 15p, Yie Ar Kung Fu £1, Frak 85p, Mined Out 75p, Felix & the Fruit Monsters 25p, Magic Mushrooms free, Invaders by IJK 75p, Gauntlet+Killer Gorilla 15p, Stratobomber 65p, Play it Again Sam includes; Citadel+Thrust+Strykers Run+Ravenskull £1.50, Superior Collection Volume 3; Synchron + Repton+Repton2+Karate Combat + Deathstar+Mr Wiz + Smash&Grab + Overdrive £2.00, Business Games free, Electron introduction tape free BBC Games Tapes. Starmaze 2 75p, Alien 8 £1.25, BBC Welcome tape 50p, 747 (no instructions) 65p, BBC Games Discs: Holed Out (only 40 track side works) £1.75 BBC/Electron Games Tapes. Plan B 60p,The Great Wall by Artic 40p, Woks by Artic 40p, Kane 35p, Tarzan 35p, Fun School (educational) 15p, Phantom £2, Spitfire 40 £2 Serious/utils software Image V2 electron (copier for protected software, make perfect copies) £2.50, First Byte electron joystick conversion program (spare one) 25p Budge electron joystick adval util 25p, micro primer (2 cassettes and book for teachers) BBC £2, UltraCalc 2 (spreadsheet for BBC as new, boxed Eprom + disk) £4 Viewsheet Plus 1 cartridge (boxed as new) £4, Voltmace Driver cassette for keypad joystick 90p, Mathmatics 1+2 GCSE/CSE 4 cassettes £1.75, Ikon 50p Acorn User Program Listings Cassettes: Sept 86 65p Electron User Program Listings Cassettes all 45p; 6/86,9/86,2/90,1/90,11/89, 7/89, 5/89, 4/90, 3/90, 12/89 Acorn 8Bit Books (including postage) ****************************************** 30 Hour Basic Electron Edition 235 pages £3 40 Best M/C Routines for the BBC Micro 350 pages £3.75 100 Programs for the Acorn Electron 200+ pages £1.40 6502 Reference Guide 240 pages £5 Advanced Basic ROM User Guide 200 pages £4 Advanced BBC Users Manual £5 Advanced Disk User Guide 450 pages Ringbound £6 Advanced Electron DFS £1.40 Advanced Electron Programming Techniques 200+ pages £4 Advanced Programming for the Electron 200 pages £3 Advanced Programming Techniques For The BBC 375 pages £4 Assembly Language Programming for the BBC 320 pages £5 An Introduction to 6502 Machine Code £1.25 Basic II User Guide 16 pages 60p Basic Programming on the Acorn Electron 300+ pages £3 BBC B User Guide Over 500 pages £5 Creative Sound on the BBC 300+ pages £5 Cumana BBC Disk Drive Guide Ringbound £2 Electron Advanced Users Guide £1x2 Electron And BBC Basic (scruffy) £1 Electron Assembly Language (Shiva) 200 pages £2.50 Electron Machine Code For Beginners (Ian Sinclair) 150+ pages £3.25 Epson NLQ ROM by Watford User Manual £1 Forth for the BBC £3.25 Graphics Programming on Your Electron 160+ pages £2 Graphs and Charts on the BBC 100+ pages £1.25 HandBook of Procedures and Functions for the BBC 150 pages £2 ISO Pascal Books plus Reference Card £6 Master 128 Original Manual (AS NEW) £6 Printer Driver Generator User Manual by Slogger £1 Procedures and Functions in BBC Basic 100+ pages £1.25 Starmon Machine Code Monitor manual £1 StarStore II user manual £1 (EPROM in eprom list) The BBC Micro Machine Code Portfolio 200+ pages £3 The BBC Micro Revealed 150 pages £2 The Beginner's Guide to Interfacing the BBC Microcomputer 175 pages £3 The Century Computer Programming Course For The BBC 400 pages £7 The Companion to the Electron 275 pages £3 The Super Users BBC Micro Book 300 pages £5 Toolbox 200+ pages + support cassette £3.50 Toolbox 2 300+ pages + support cassette £5 Trek The Complete Disassembler User Manual £1 User Guide for Mode 7 Simulator ROM by Jafa Systems 60p Wordwise Manual £1.50 Acorn 8Bit Magazines ******************** All mags plus postage I prefer to swop magazines rather than sell them. I collect all console and computer/console magazines except low editorial mags like Micromart, PC Direct etc Micro User June 83 £2 Acorn Users (£1 each) Jan97,Dec96,Mar87,Sep86,May86,Apr86,Mar86,Jan86,Dec85,Oct85,Sep85,May85,Mar85,Fe b85,Dec84,Nov84,Aug84,Jun84,May84,Mar84,Feb84,Jan84,Nov83,Oct83,Sep83,Aug83,Jun8 3,Apr83, Special issues (historically) Acorn User Oct 84 (ABC computer & Elite reviewed) £3 Acorn User Feb 86 (Master reviewed) £3 Acorn User Aug 87 (first Archimedes reviewed A305 etc) £4 Acorn Computing Oct 92 (Arm250 range reviewed) £2 Electron Users (75p each) Jun90,Mar90,Jan90,Dec89,Nov89,Oct89,Aug89,Jul89,May89,Apr89,Mar89,Feb89,Jan89,De c88,Nov88,Oct88,Sep88,Aug88,Jul88,Jun88May88,Apr88,Mar88,Feb88,Jan88,Dec87,Nov87 ,Oct87,Sept87,Aug87,Jul87,Jun87,May87,Apr87,Mar87,Feb87,Jan87,Nov86,Oct86,Sep86, Aug86,Jul86,Jun86 Acorn 8Bit Cables ***************** Various plus connectors Archimedes Hardware ******************* A4000 2MEG, 120MEG Hard drive, mouse, keyboard, Stereo colour monitor, lots of software (HD full), discs, mags etc. A4000 is the top of the range ARM250 computer. Basically you get PC layout and the ability to use 3.5 IDE hard drives. has SuperVIDC as I've used it for 800x600 with 256 colours no problems. Also if you go for a Turbo RAM accelerator then the A4000 is much better for this because of more generous internal space. £300 for quick sale and throw in a free fax machine. Originally cost £1000+ A3000 2MEG(upgradable to 4MEG by plugging in extra chips), Risc OS2, lots of software, mags and all manuals. Can be upgraded to Arm3/Risc OS 3 and hard drive easily. RGB Colour monitor (TV sync type) and Olivetti Colour 24pin printer with manual. A complete ready to go system. Serial upgrade fitted. Computer and printer are practically as new. £190 inclusive. Basic A3000 2MEG complete as new (except for memory expansion fitted) but no extras £88 Arm710 board £35 (you can also have a set of 3.5 ROMs if you want them) Arm610 board £15 (ideal for Strongarm RiscPC owners needing earlier software com patibility) PC Card for A3020/4000. 486 processor, 8MEG memory, software etc plus a PC book or two and some PC mags. Great for serious stuff and windows. Not so hot for games, more like a 286/slow 386 then. Cost over £600 only £100 (plus free PC beginners course with video )or swop large IDE hard drive. AKF18 TV to SVGA 14" multisync monitor. A good example of this monitor. I've used it for Archimedes, Risc PC, BBC, Electron, Amiga, Atari ST, Macintosh. Maximum resolution 1600x600 (Risc PC), 800x600 PC (non interlace, higher modes possible with some PC graphics cards using interlace or low refresh rate modes). Also syncs right down to tv resolutions so no letterboxing. Originally £290 2 1/2 years ago only £110 inclusive. Can probably help out with connectors if your planning to use it with computers other than Archimedes/PCs. Its got a captive 15HD connector cable. MTC 14" Multisync. Nice simple monitor with pleasant styling. Does normal PC 640x480 and 800x600 resolutions on PC. Will also do many others on Risc PC like 1600x600. Does not sync to TV modes so letterboxing or high refresh compatible modes. Full framing controls. Tilt/Swivel stand. Superb picture, high resolution, vivid colours. £85 inclusive. standard captive cable. Not suitable for BBC. Pay an extra £25 and I'll supply a basic VGA PC to go with it. 640k and 20MEG hard drive full of software. Archimedes Software ******************* Wide range of Archimedes PD/shareware available. 640k,800k or 1600k. 75p per disk 75p towards postage on total order. Commercial ********** Risc OS 2.0 ROMs (removed from a A3000 that was upgraded to 3.1, I imagine only someone with a very early pre OS 2.0 Archimedes would find these of use, 512k of OS, OS2 does run faster on non Arm3 computers than 3.1 plus you have more base memory). £2 or free if your buying something else. Utils A3010 Joymaster disk £4 including manual Doggysoft the Hacker £5 including manual Applications Full PC Emulator in binder. Four disks including MSDOS and thick manual £25 PC Emulator Original Disks (with DRDOS etc) No docs £12 (4 disks) Games Apocalypse by 4Th Dimension. £7 Chuck Rock £4 Man At Arms by 4Th Dimension £5 Quest for Gold by Krisalis(multi sport simulation) £5 PowerBand by 4Th Dimension. £6 Small by Virgo. £8 The Olympics by 4Th Dimension. £5 The Wimp Game by 4Th Dimension. £5 Xenon 2 £2 Archimedes Books **************** Acorn PC486 card (Risc PC type) Manual £3 Acorn/Microvitec AKF50/60 Monitor manual £2 Archimedes Magazines ******************** Acorn Archimedes Worlds; February 94, March 94, Oct 93, May 94, May 93, Jun 93, Nov 93, Jun 94, Dec 93, Jan 94. All £1.50 each plus postage. Coverdisk 75p extra if available. Archimedes Cables ***************** 15pin to BNC bayonet connector. for monochrome output £4 Pre A5000 null modem cable to Amstrad NC100 or similar £5 Misc Hardware ************* Amstrad NC100 notepad computer. Complete with manual, PSU, case and batteries. Uses BBC Basic and has Protext WP built in. £55 or £60 with connect cable. Also have NC100 spares available Basic VGA PC with harddrive and VGA mono monitor £65. Freebies ******** Terminal keyboards (really nice with built in modem, monitor output etc) including PSU. orders over £35 (size of a normal PC keyboard plus ext PSU) Case 400/26 modem dates back to 1984 but expensive at time(really expensive) so 1200 baud +. BT approved but has screw connectors. I have the BT plug to screw cables (£2 each) but don't know the connections. No manual. Orders over £50 instead of keyboard (you don't have to buy the cable) Creative Graphics on the BBC book 100+ pages Electron Introductory Cassette, XBasic Installation Instructions ACP Advanced Control Panel Manual Personal Money Management Instructions I Do instructions Watch Your Weight Instructions Database Instructions Talkback Instructions Microtype The Typing Tutor Instructions Wordwise Plus Introduction (order over £10) Wordwise Plus Reference Manual (order over £15 or order over £20 for both) Toolkit Beebug Utility ROM instructions Wanted ****** Full Digital Symphony package. Always after Archimedes, BBC and Electron contacts. Consider anything for the Archimedes/Risc PC in exchange for any of my 8bit hard ware/software. In fact I'll considering swopping anything computer or console related or even simply electronic based so its always worth a try. Info anyone use a EIZO monitor. I've got a 2060 model which has a 9pin socket at the back. I'd like to know the exact pinouts so I can make a cable.