8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Hello again AAWWW Phooey, not again, more blobs: Members in credit that receive the DFS version of the magazine please note; due to an oversight in the label printing query in the 8BS database, the credit level has been printed incorrectly for all recent issues where there was only one DFS disc. This DID NOT affect your actual credit, only the way it was printed on the sticker. Basically, I forgot to change the CREDIT -2 to CREDIT -1 when issues went back to single discs. I HAD changed it in the reduce credit query, so not to worry, you have not been robbed! I spotted this when putting the stickers for this issue on to envelopes, so your credit has been corrected in biro. All will be wonderfully correct on the next issue. I hope. Peter 'diesel' Waters. I always enjoy a visit from an 8BS member. D3W popped across to 8BS HQ to pick up a lovely twin disc drive the other day. On his way here he filled up with fuel, unfortunately, the wrong sort. Diesel in a petrol engine doesn't run very well! It is nice to see this sort of thing happen to someone else! Maybe I should try diesel in my VW Camper, diesel does not burst into flames does it? I am Touched Many people think so! I am grateful for the many comments received after I moaned in the last issue about people letting me down. Thanks to you all. Roy Keeling reminded me of a poem by Richard Harris that sums it up nicely: "It rains in the life of the just and the unjust fella, But it rains more on the just, Than the unjust, Because the unjust, Carries the justs umbrella" Neil Parry put finger to keyboard to help out 8BS and wrote a missing review. Remember last issue where I bleated on about a member who took a copy of Acornsoft Hits Vol. 1 for review but never came up with the goods? Neil volunteered to do it, unfortunately we got our wires crossed and Neil ended up reviewing a disc that had already been done! Any how, I have included his review on this issue as it is well worth looking at and it is maybe a good idea to see more than one review about a game any way. Sorry Neil. How about it then? Do you feel up to just one more Neil? This reminds me of something that I have been meaning to say for a while now. These reviews are the opinions of the people that write them! Pretty obvious thing to say really, but please do not let a bad review put you off a game. In this issue I notice a review slating a game that I thought was excellent! THANKS!! I should take this opportunity to say thank you to several members for various reasons: Lorna Jenne for the bits of gear and her help given to several other 8BS members. I keep hearing reports of how good you are Lorna! Steve Allsopp for padding out blank bits in the 8BS catalogue. He is working mainly on the 512 section but has done a bit in the TAU section too. Stephan Richardson for the continuing help given to me and other members. Lawrie Hallam, now left the BBC after donating his whole setup to 8BS. Alan Hunneyball for finding large amounts of BBC stuff and sending it on to 8BS. Paul Clucas for checking the magazine issue for spelling and other errors using equipment that tests his patience to the limit. His disc drives keep playing him up but he struggles on! OH! and thanks for the padded envelopes Paul Neil Parry for giving me a laugh now and again. Sorry about the review! Ian Bell for the interesting chats about bits of gear he picks up and for fielding some of the enquiries I cannot handle. John my oldest lad who can now strip a beeb, clean it check it out and put it back together again with great ease. Who pleased me greatly when he set himself up a B+ in his bedroom. Gill, my better half who puts up with it all for some odd reason. That's it until next time