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                      From: 4WL (Martin Wilson) Subject: Name the Games Another Nostalgic Quiz. Platform game to rival Manic Minor, not as many screens but a nasty looking head follows you about. Race game without corners. Oh dear not the Acorns finest hour. Better than a fifth gear though. Very clever strategy game with thousands of levels couldn't generate the screen in real time though, very slow complex graphics. Its got a connection with a famous race game. A yoyo wielding caveman. Surely thats all you need. Shoot your way through time. Time changed into Space. Mice as spys, Tynesoft did the honours. The first plan failed for this little monochrome robot. I don't know how they got there but there on the moon. I think the programmers liked elite but they sunk without trace. This was very sinistar but the company pulled out. This miner isn't so manic and came from America, in fact he was a miner before the manic one. This is the sequel though with birds on the table. Two sets of monarchy all in one area in this early adventure game. I was all set for a dogfight with the hunn but a triangle turned up instead. One of the two mediocre Martech sport licenses. This ones got a beard. This is the other one and its in the water. Another martech game but more a suicide mission than a sport. Martech what is it good for. a vertical shoot em up with a small screen. Light a stick of dynamite and don't throw it just leave it there in your hand and you'll get this game. Superiors answer to the above. You'll have to fight amongst yourself to decide which is better. It may have been two pounds to spectrum and C64 owners but it was a bit more expensive to us. Gravity has something to do with it. It all went black and white for Electron owners but Masters got even more colour. Yes, Yes this is the one how could I disguise it. I haven't got a cloaking device and neither has this one I think. One player on screen is normal, 2 players is impressive so whats 4 players and on an Electron at budget price. Its a bloomin miracle. He was in the poseidon adventure, he also appeared in a action series and that series was made into a game. You might find one at the tower of London although the ones you normally see there are human and not small ones like this. Name these classic Acorn Games  From: 4WL (Martin Wilson) Subject: A3010 Arm3 upgrade I've now got the Arm3 working in the A3010. It was the address enable line. It needed to be connected from the Arm3 to the Arm2 socket. Normal Arm3 upgrades don't make this connection. Many people have made suggestions to the solution but the best suggestion was to contact 'Simtec'. Unfortunately the number they gave was either wrong or out of date. But I managed to find a new number out of the Acorn User business directory. Anyway Simtec had the answer and after a little bit of very careful soldering the problem was solved. My A3010 now whizzes along, over twice the speed it was before. Risc OS 3 works much better now, as I've since found out it was optimised for a cache processor anyway. Certainly the computer seems to bootup four times as fast before (with Newlook installed). The speed of my A3010 is identical to that of the original A5000 with a 25MHZ arm3 and 12MHZ RAM which is more than likely about the same speed as a computer with 8MHZ RAM and a 33MHZ Arm3. Its about 14MIPS. A basic Arm610 Risc PC is only about 17MIPs so this isn't bad at all.  From: D3W (PETER D.WATERS) Subject: WHY WE MUST SUPPORT 8-BS IN A RECENT MESSAGE REGARDING WHAT I SEE AS THE 'DISK DRIVE' PROBLEM, I EXPLAINED HOW I FEARED BEING UNABLE TO CONTINUE WITH MY MASTER 128 FOR WORDWISE PLUS WORD PROCESSING, DUE TO THE SERIOUS PROBLEM OF FINDING SPARE OR REPLACEMENT 5.25" DRIVES. THIS PROBLEM I HAVE NOW SOLVED, THROUGH MARTIN WILSON IN YEOVIL, AND OUR ESTEEMED LEADER OR EDITOR, CHRIS HIMSELF. I NOW HAVE A TWIN DS WITH PSU, AND TWO SINGLES WITHOUT. I NOW FEEL CONFIDENT THAT I WILL BE ABLE TO CONTINUE, AND TO HELL WITH PCS. WITHOUT THIS USER GROUP, AND THE ASSISTANCE I HAVE BEEN RENDERED THOUGH IT, AT THE MOST REASONABLE OF PRICES I WOULD ADD, I WOULD BY NOW HAVE BEEN TRYING SOMEHOW TO TRANSFER MY FILES TO A PC, AT A CONSIDERABLY FAR HIGHER COST. FOR WHATEVER REASON, HOWEVER ILLOGICAL IT MIGHT APPEAR TO PC USERS, WE WISH TO CONTINUE WITH THESE MACHINES, BUT IF WE ARE TO DO SO, WE NEED TO SUPPORT FULLY CHRIS'S EFFORTS, OR DUE TO LACK OF SPARES AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT WE WILL GO UNDER. THEN THERE IS THE HUGE AMOUNT OF SOFTWARE IN THE POOL, WHICH IS NOT AS IMPORTANT TO ME AS IT MIGHT BE TO OTHERS. THEREFORE, USE IT OR LOSE IT, SO THAT IN THE POSSIBLY NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE, WORKING MODELS OF BEEBS AND MASTERS WILL FEATURE ON THE ANTIQUES ROADSHOW!                    