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                               To: 999 (all members) From: E5F (Dick Greening) Subject: Midwich Hard Drive Hi to everyone out there in '8BS Land' I'm a new (OLD!) member, delighted to find that the BBC still lives outside my front door! Anyway, down to business, I have recently, thanks partly to Chris's kind help, managed to get a Midwich 20Mb Hard Drive working on my BBC B. Unfortunately, it came with no instructions and only a few bits of SW on the Drive (along with lots of other rubbish!) I foolishly tried to reformat the drive with one of the pieces of SW I found on the Drive. WRONG!!!!! "Unable to Format......Faulty Drive" Has anyone any ideas, information, instructions or a replacement Mitsubishi MR522-M40 (1985) drive??? Phone/Fax 01869 347483 or via 8BS Thanx.  From: E4N (Rik Page) Subject: HELP - model B modifications I have a model B with ATPL rom board fitted. What I would like to know is the answers to the following questions if anyone can help me. 1) Can the ADFS chip be fitted to the model B with 32K. Does the memory need to be expanded to 64 or 128k to use it properly and if so what is the best way of expanding it. Are there any ready made modules still available? 2) How can a 3.5" drive be fitted to the model B? I am also intending to use a 5.25" drive as well. Do I need a special driver for it, and what is the best 3.5" drive to use. 3) If and when I have fitted the 3.5" drive, what is the best way to format these discs. Is there any special software for this purpose ? 4) Can data be transferred easily from 5.25" to 3.5" discs and is this done in the same way as 5.25" to 5.25" on a second drive. 5) Can hard drives be fitted to the 'B' and is it a worthwhile proposition ? As you may have gathered I am a bit green on this subject as I am only just getting back into computers. The last time I used one would be at school over ten years ago. Any help would be appreciated and I am prepared to return postage costs and any photocopying costs within reason. You can send any info to:- Rik Page c/o 2 Church Farm Snitterby Gainsborough Lincolnshire DN21 4TY Many Thanks in advance to any one who can help me.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3Y (Lorna Jenne) Subject: Video Digitiser (Help!) I have a Watford Digitiser which I have been trying to use but have been having problems. I am taking the pictures from a Sanyo Video (about 5 years old) using a Scart lead to phono plug to BNC socket. The lead is from a Scart Video Kit and had been used to copy tapes from my old Betamax (no longer working) to VHS for use with the Sanyo. The cable is about a metre long and the Video lead is miniature co-axial cable - which seems to be the right type as per the Maplin Cat,1993 The picture is viewed on an old black & white TV.The problem is that while I have a clear picture on the TV using my own or pre-recorded tapes when I capture the picture to the monitor screen it is often so covered with lines/strips etc that it is just a mess. I have tried with the tape running, or paused, no difference. I am doing all the setting of black & white as per instruction book, but with little or no improvement. Some tapes produce better pictures than others, but this does not depend on the type of picture on the TV. Any help would be most welcome Lorna Jenne 53 Uffington Road. West Norwood SE27 0ne 0181 670 6665 (9am to 9.30pm during the day is best) 53 Uffington Road West Norwood SE27 ONE  To: 999 (all members) From: K3Y (Lorna Jenne) Subject: Comms Software for Beeb Can anyone offer any help, on what Rom software is best to use on the B+ or Master for accessing Bulletin Boards. I have not had much success using Terminal. I did manage using my Archimedes using GrapeVine, but the board I use has closed down. If I try and access the Acorn User BB, I can log on but if I try doing anything else it all freezes up. (my A310 is only Riscos 2). Lorna Jenne 0181 670 6665 9.00am t0 9.30pm  From: 4WL (Martin Wilson) Subject: Re-Ink Does anyone know any company still selling Re-Ink spray cans and at what cost? Also does anyone know a good source of rarer ribbons. I've got a Siemens Nixdorf ND48 and a Olivetti DM124C and as you can imagine its hard to find replacement ribbons for them. STOP PRESS: I've just found out that the Siemens ND48 is really a Epson LQ860 in disguise. So Siemens say anyway and they should know. Mind you I presume they mean the main mechanism as I don't think they look very similar externally.  From: 4WL (Martin Wilson) Subject: Eizo monitors Anyone use an Eizo monitor? Does it have a 9pin D connector at the back and do you have the manual? I could really do with knowing the pinouts as I've got a Eizo Flexscan 9400i (MA-2060) monitor but its missing the monitor cable and I need to make a lead. I do collect pinout information myself so if anyones got a monitor and doesn't know the connections I may be able to help especially Philips and Microvitec. One last question if a SVGA monitor has two LEDS one marked Mode 1 and the other Mode 2 and permanently on Mode 2 what does it mean? How do you select Mode 1 and what does it do different to Mode 2? Is it somehow selected by the cable configuration. Possibly an energy saving feature. Is mode 1 a standby mode triggered by the computer to save screen burn.                    