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PLAY IT AGAIN SAM 10 ******** ************************************************************************* * Pop quiz * * Question. Can you name the person who wrote Superiors first 4 Games ? * ************************************************************************* Zalaga Qwak 3D Dotty Repton Thru Time Available from: Superior Software PO Box 6 Brigg South Humberside DN20 9NH Tel. 01652 658585 Prices: Original : £11.95 8BS Members: £ 6.00 (Remember to quote your 8BS user ID.) ************************************************************* * Answer. Richard Hanson, the founder of Superior Software * ************************************************************* Zalaga Game Author: Oriando Loading Screen Design: Michael Hutchison Your objective is to become a great Zalagan Hero by obtaining the highest score you can. The first level is quite easy, but each subsequent stage becomes increasingly difficult. Have you the rapid reactions and deadly arcade skills necessary to overcome each new wave of attackers? What's the highest score you can get...1,000...10,000...100,000...1,000,000 Size : Unlimited Game Play: A typical classic shoot-em-up, something of a cross between Galaxians and Galaforce. You start each level with a blank screen onto which pour your alien friends at extreme speed. Once on the screen they take up the standard Galaxians format, moving back and forth then breaking off, diving down and dropping bombs. There is a challenge screen on levels 3,7,11,16...., aliens pour on the screen not dropping bombs and there is a lot of keyboard bashing going on. Graphics: Although Zalaga is extremely fast the large graphics tend to flicker quite a little. This game is defiantly for keyboard bashers everywhere. Sound: The sound is pretty good for a shoot-em-up and there is quite a nice opening tune. ****************************************************************************** * Pop Quiz * * Question. In 1990 can you name the most popular individual title released ?* ****************************************************************************** Qwak Game Author: Jamie Woodhouse Loading Screen Design: Michael Hutchinson You take the role of QWAK, a highly intelligent and athletic duck. The objective is to collect all the keys, then go to the door to exit from the level Size: 24 Levels, But once completed they are repeated again but harder. Game Play: Qwak is a typical levels game collect the keys to leave the levels. Not overly impressed with this one. This is supposed to take over where Chuckie Egg left off, NO IT DOES NOT. There are a few comical parts but there was just nothing in it for me. Graphics: The graphics are very good though, very detailed. Smooth running through out it's just a pity that is the only thing it's got going for it. Sound: Sounds pleasant, no opening tune beep, pops and bangs. 3D Dotty You are presented with a three dimensional layout consisting of three flours not unlike a multi-story car park with the floor missing. Small white dots fill the entire floor surface and all your character has to do is go round and chomp all the dots. Size: 8 Levels but they are repeated once completed. Game Play: This game has such a simple idea that will keep you entertained for hours. Chasing around the levels trying to avoid the fungus which will chase you and trying to eat the dots at the same time, some of which are hidden behind the pillars. The only thing you have in your arsenal is three block (WoW) which will stop the fungus following you so use them wisely. Also as a bonus you have a practise mode at the start of the game which will allow you to try all the levels on at a time. Graphics: Well what can you say, you are the only character and you look like Pac-Man with legs the rest of the cast are flat and square. Sound: The sound is very boring but as a bonus you can turn the dam noise off. Repton Thru Time: Game Authors: Matthew Atkinson, Mark Botterill, James Grant Loading Screen Design: Micheal Hutchinson You are a little man called "Repton", you have to move through the screens collecting all the appropriate pieces, all the crowns and then if that was not enough you have to kill all the monsters and then diffuse the time bomb. Each screen has a time limit and if you do not complete the screen in that limit, the time bomb will explode and you will loose a life. Repton can however travel back in time because whenever a time capsule is collected the time-bombs clock will reset. Each screen comprises of a series of puzzles. Many of these are interlinked and you may have to solve a number of small puzzles to tackle the larger one. Size: 40 Screens Game Play: This game hardly deserves mentioning now does it, you've seen it all before. I must confess I am not a great Repton fan, but from an objective point of view they are all very good games including this one. They follow the same pattern of game play for each different Repton. The screens are well designed and it's a good game to play but I find the idea of the game very boring now. I first saw this game when I was in my secondary school and ate the time I thought it was quite good. In my opinion if you have one Repton you have them all. Sound: The sound is what you have come to expect from the Repton series, very good. ********************** * Answer. Overdrive. * ********************** Overall Verdict If you already have two of these games in my opinion this isn't as good a buy as you might first think. However looking on the bright side if you have not got any of the above as always the Play It Again Sam disks are excellent value for money.