8-Bit Software Online Conversion

The Acornsoft Hits Volume 2 ******** Right, before I start I would just like to say a few words "hello, tomorrow, goodbye and thank you very much" arrhh that feels much better. Right seriously, looking over that games reviews that have come up in 8BS I have noticed that I seem to have been the only person to have given a game a seriously bad games review, so at this point in time I would imagine that Steve Hanson is probably getting quite worried (do not worry Steve "Ha Ha Ha Ha") Right the next point I would like to make clear is especially for E3Y who in a later issue felt that my review of TimeSlip was overly critical (If you are reading this E3Y I would be grateful if you could let me know where you actually found the passwords to enter so that I can actually try it myself), I would just like to point out that if I gave a game a wonderful review, when I actually thought it wasn't deserved and people spent money on that game, to me that would seem like fraud. If you do not agree with my review of the games that is your choice, you are quite welcome to review them yourself !!!!!!!!!! Right I feel better now I've got that off my chest!! **************************************************************** * Pop quiz * * Question. Can you name the year Superior Software started ?? * **************************************************************** Acornsoft Hits Volume 2 (Compilation Disc) Starship Command Arcadians Meteors Labyrinth Available from: Superior Software PO Box 6 Brigg South Humberside DN20 9NH Tel. 01652 658585 Prices: Original : £11.95 8BS Members: £ 6.00 (Remember to quote your 8BS user ID.) *********************************************************** * Answer. Superior Software started in the autumn of 1982 * *********************************************************** Starship Command: Author: Peter J.M. Irvin As the Captain of a battle starship, it is your duty to fight off invading enemy spaceships. Before going into combat, you are given a briefing on the facilities available on your battleship. Size : Unlimited Game Play: This game is very addictive, it is just a shoot-em-up and it is quite difficult to get to grips with, not the controls but you have to find a strategy, this is the problem ( finding one that works ). This game has a very simple idea shoot anything that moves which seems to be what makes it quite addictive. Graphics: The graphics are quite good only black and white but do you need and other colours in space, very smooth game play, only slows when the screen is packed with aliens but at that point who cares because you know you are going to die. Sound: Very basic, lots of beeps and bangs that is all. **************************************************** * Pop Quiz * * Question. Can you name the first four products ? * **************************************************** Arcadians: Author: Oriando We are the Arcadians! Our mission: to destroy all aliens... The Arcadians chant as they fly in convoy overhead. Without warning some of them suddenly swoop down towards you: take aim and fire while avoiding their deadly dive-bombing tactics. Size: Unlimited Game Play: Well what can you say about this game, one of the all time classic arcade game conversions. A very simple shoot-em-up but this game will have you addicted for hours. Even if you don't play is for months, as soon as you start you will be hooked again. Well done Oriando!! Graphics: Very good mode 2 graphics, colours used to the full. Well it's just a brilliant conversion, very smooth great. Sound: Nice little tune to begin with but then it's just beeps and bangs again, but hey what else do you need with this sort of game. Meteors: Author: Neil (Good Name) Raine Steer your laser-ship through a hail of meteors smashing them with your laser bolts as they hurtle towards you on all sides. Avoid being hit by the missiles from hostile flying saucers which fire at you as they pass. Your ship is equipped with as many laser bolts as you can fire and as a last resort you can escape through hyperspace. Size: Unlimited Game Play: Again this is another excellent conversion from a classic arcade game. The outline graphics run smoothly across the screen and there is virtually no speed loss on the Master at least. Classic shoot-em-up fun which will last for hours. This game will never die with any shoot-um-up fans. Dam good fun if you only have a short time to play, straight into the action with a never ending supply of dam rocks. Sound: Beeps and bangs, well what else can you say about a shoot-um-up, what else do you need in a shoot-um-up. Labyrinth: Author: Michael Mathison Guide Mork through the labyrinth, eating fruit to replenish his dwindling energy supply. Crush the Tiger Moths, shoot the Flitterbugs, dodge the Threshers and if you are not too exhausted find and collect the magic crystals which lead to new and more challenging levels of the labyrinth. Size: 7 Levels Game Play: This is another great game from Acornsoft, if you like maze games this must rate as one of the best in my opinion. The graphics are good and the smooth scrolling of the individual screen of the game are very quick which does not interfere with your game play. You have nine different creatures to shoot or crush and lots of different fruit to chomp on all the way through the game to keep your energy levels up. The further into the game you get the harder the creatures are to kill. Sound: The sound is a bit more interesting than the other games but not quite as good as Bonjovi's Slippery When Wet, but hey this is a BBC after all. ************************************************************ * Answer. Galaxy Birds, Space Fighter, Centibug, Invaders. * ************************************************************ Overall Verdict This is a must for any collection, if you only have a short period of time to play a shoot-um-up then the first three will quench your thirst for destroying numerous creatures very quickly ( You Sadist ), on the other hand if you wish to get your brain cells working then Labyrinth will do just that.