8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Bill Woodall, 21/2/98 Program 'CALENDA' will work on the Master and BBC B computers. It makes a handy small note pad for reminders. I find it essential, when the memory fails me at the wrong time! It is also a lot cheaper. My contribution this time, is an update version of my last 'CALENDA' program. Which unfortunately had a 'Millennium bug'. Not the usual one, but a glitch with the number of days in February. This version is 'OK' and in addition, you may now enter brief notes, via a new input routine, which avoids the risk of errors. When changing DATA statements. If no shadow mode or 2nd Pro. is used on the BBC B, the calendar viewing option will not be available. This maximises variable storage space. See the line checking HIMEM=&8000 REM it if you want to see the calendar on screen in mode three. The printed calendar is the same as before, with four months on an A4 sheet. The A4 sheets are then cut into quarters, to make your note-pad. Just fold it in half both ways for the cutting line. There is a plain area at the top of each month, for staples and or crocodile-clip. There are default notes/reminders inserted, as examples and fixed date occasions. Edited within the input routine. Select one of two options. You can enter up to nine reminders for each month. Plus nine reminders that apply through-out the year, on a specific day every week or a specific date every month. Each of the nine reminders may be entered in any order, but the day or dates must not be duplicated on different lines. If you do, only the last one in the list will be printed. The solution is to keep your remarks short and use several of them on one line for the one date. Separate them with a full stop for clarity. Any reminder may be deleted, by entering a single '*'. This will remove the remark but will retain the date, which will simply produce an empty line when printed. Or you can enter any other date and reminder that you require, in its place. Pressing return at the date or day prompt and the reminder, will retain the existing one. Any remark can be copied into the input line, with the normal copy keys. New data will automatically be saved as 'CALNOTE' when exiting the routine, or at the option after pressing escape. On entry default reminders are used when no data file is found. The data file will initially be unlocked, if it exists, to prevent errors. The same data file is used every year. Amend the data to suit the year. TO EXIT ENTRY IN EDIT MODE, JUST PRESS RETURN AT THE PROMPT. PRINTER CODES: Please check your printer manual against the codes used in 'PROCchoose'. The current codes are for use in IBM mode on my STAR LC10. In standard mode, the line VDU 27,50 must be REM'ed to get the correct line feed of n/72. Cheer's Bill.