8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Filer 0.12 ========== Textual desktop-style filer. Brief instructions Filer can be CHAINed or *Run. Filer starts in the current mode, unless given option -mode m. Always tries to run in shadow modes. Startup syntax is: *Filer (<dir>) (-mode <mode>) (-?) (-quit <name>) where <dir> directory to first display (not implemented) -mode m starts in shadow mode m -quit name command/program to run on finishing. Must be last entry on line. -? display short help text All main keys are displayed. Additionally: Ctrl-A Select All Ctrl-C Clear selection Return selects Copy unselects Cursors move around Selecting a selected item (ie double-Return) runs it. Some options can operate on many items, some options only operate on a single item. Items can be loaded into packages other than their default. Press 'L'oad, at prompt enter command to use, eg BASIC, WORD, etc., and it will be loaded in. Pressing Return loads it to default package. Files recognised are; Type Run action Load action --------------------------------------------------- Directory *Dir, rescan - Basic CHAIN LOAD MCoded Basic *Run with params LOAD Filetyped Basic CHAIN with params LOAD Text Scroll LOAD to WORD Exec *Execs LOAD to WORD MCode *Run with params - Utility *Run with params - Teletext - - Archive Archive - Rom *SRLoad - Screen - - File - - Application - - Version History =============== V0.12 24-Nov-1996