8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                From: K8G (Jonathan Harston) Subject: Serial Terminals I've enclosed a Beta-test version of XTerm C0.35 - most of it is written and functional. I've been using it daily since January. It features the following: XYModem: automatically switches between XModem, XModem-CRC, XModem-1k, YModem(batch) and YModem-G. On-the-fly text file conversion. Modest monochrome ANSI implementation: none of those strange [1;2;38m codes all over the screen. PC-8 font included (ie, characters look correct). Serial input buffered up to all available memory, and NUL-NUL bug fixed on MOS 5.00. NB: Currently file upload is very simplified and only supports XModem. Download is fully implemented. I've tested XTerm on a Compact, and Master, and a BBC B with PAGE at &1A00. Full documentation is in XtermIn.  To: 999 (all members) From: K6N (Brian Raw) Subject:      This is a game after the fashion of Mastermind except using letters instead of colours, moreover the hidden letters must make up a valid five letter word. Your task is to find this word, mind you, you only have four cracks at it if you want to score any points that is! After that if you get it on the fifth attempt, no points are scored. On the sixth attempt the computer scores three points. Failing to get the word on the sixth attempt the word is revealed and the computer scores five points. TIP *** If you play this game like Mastermind i.e. just stabbing at the letters as in trying AEIOU on the first go, you are bound to fall behind due to the number of letters in the alphabet. However considering that the computer uses only real words, you would do a lot better sticking to these also. ( its a rule of the game actually, I am just pointing out that it is better not to cheat). So for instance you might start with ROUTE Then regardless of the result follow with PAINS Now you have all the vowels and a few common letters out. Scoring ******* You will notice that unlike Mastermind which tells you how many are correct and how many are in the wrong place but not which ones! WordPower tells you which letters are right *, Wrong X, and which are in the wrong position @. Much easier yes, but that is why you have so few goes at it. Here are a couple of examples which caught me out:- EX1. ROUTE XXXXX 0 8 PAINS XX@XX 0 7 FIZZY X@XX@ 0 6 EX2. ROUTE XXXXX 0 8 PAINS XXXX@ 0 7 FUSSY XX@X@ 0 6 These numbers are the scores you will get if your current guess is correct. These numbers are the scores the computer will get if your current guess is correct.  To: 999 (all members) From: 3WU (Fred Price) Subject: Sand-Dancer Well thats easter over for this year and we spent our weekend at Torquay and in our party was some people from South Shields who we always called them Sand Dancers not knowing the story behind it and in our conversation one lady told me she had the poem and in a few days I had my copy of it so now you will know where the name came from of the canny folks of Shields, So here it is with slight mods to it meaning I have made the first letter in each line slightly enlarged so as usual put your paper in your printer ready to read about the. **** DANCER ****                    