8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Hello again you lot. No barrels scraped again! I hope you enjoy this issue, I am quite pleased with some of the software especially. There is more good stuff planned for the next issue too including Stuart MaConnachie's brilliant CocaCola demo that he is converting to an 8BS demo. I have not planned an 8BS get together this year as I am trying (and failing to be honest) to have a quieter year. Sorry about this, I know that several of you will be disappointed. I promise something for next year. Late addition! Jonathan Harston has opened up his doors again. 24th to the 26th July, you are all invited. Contact Jonathan directly, address in the 'Contacts' section. People keep asking me if the Ebtel project is really done for. The answer at this moment is yes, it is dead. I recently picked up a modem for my BBC and would not be averse to trying this out with anyone that fancies it. The BBC is still alive and strong you know. I hear from a lot of people that almost apologise when they say they are still using a BBC. Others proudly announce the fact that they still use a good ol' BBC. Some laugh at the BBC with its puny 32K, I feel sorry that these people do not know what they are missing. Maybe some laugh because the BBC does not cost £1000 and crash randomly. My son John made a good point the other day whilst we were watching a film. A woman was on the internet, talking on the telephone and then a fax came through. Gill commented on this that there must be 3 phone lines, I said, "No, that's multi-tasking for you", John said "No it can't be because the computer didn't crash!". He was dead right of course. I got an enquiry from the owner of a factory the other day. They use a Master 128 to control a complex milling machine. He wanted a couple of manuals as he fancied having a go at programming the Master. Why pay thousands of pounds for a machine that will regularly crash and when it does you have to call in a spotty youth on a minimum of £500 per day to fix it, when you can pay virtually nothing for a good old BBC that you can also fix yourself for virtually nothing? No contest, but then I am preaching to the converted. Greenweld Electronics have several hundred copies of the book Sensing and Control Projects for the BBC. Well worth a look at. The books are £2 each plus postage which will be about £1 apparently. The book contains some interesting projects for your user port and analogue port. 01703 772501 Please take a look at Robert Sprowson's advert which is really a request for interest in Master Cartridges. I know that there are several people after these. If you are interested, please contact him as soon as possible, let's make it a successful project! There have been a few new entries in the pool this time. Martin Pickering has released the copyright on his Inter-Base utilities and various other odds and ends. Send for a copy of TBI-00! See you next time then.