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                                   From: E4N (Rik Page) Subject: WANTED Disk storage boxes for 5.25" disks any size considered but prefer 50 or 100 capacity. Must be as cheap as possible as i require quite a few. Service manuals for the following:- BBC B BBC B+ Photo copies are acceptable as long as they are clear. Anyone who can help can contact me on 01652 651758 or send to RIK PAGE 2 CHURCH FARM, SNITTERBY GAINSBOROUGH, LINCS DN21 4TY  To: 999 (all members) From: E4N (Rik Page) Subject: WINCHESTER HARD DRIVE WANTED !!!! WINCHESTER 20MB HARD DRIVE OR BIGGER. MUST BE COMPATIBLE WITH MASTER AND HAVE ALL LEADS, etc WITH IT. I WOULD ALSO LIKE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO FIT / USE THIS ITEM. ANYONE WHO CAN HELP:- TEL: 01652 651758 AND ASK FOR RIK WILLING TO PAY A REASONABLE AMOUNT!! WILL ACCEPT DIFFERENT TYPE OR LARGER MEMORY CAPABILITIES IF NECESSARY !!  To: 999 (all members) From: E4N (Rik Page) Subject: WANTED MASTER SERVICE MANUAL INCLUDING CIRCUIT DIAGRAM PHOTOCOPY ACCEPTED MUST BE AS CHEAP AS POSSIBLE !!!!! RING RIK WITH DETAILS 01652 651758  To: 999 (all members) From: E3M (Steve Allsopp) Subject: *** Wanted *** There are still quite a lot of items on my wants list and I would like you all to try really hard this month and have good look through all your cupboards and boxes in the loft etc. and see if you can come up with a few of the items I am after. Anybody that help can be assured of getting on my Christmas card list and also becoming a life long friend, and that's a promsise. Replica III by Clares. DTP by Database Publications. DTP Graphics Library. Keyword Rom by Shift Software. Spellmaster Genie Rom (BBC B) Challice Vector I Chauffeur Indecks Wordwise Companion Gallery Gallery Collection Micro Brush Manual for Masterfile II Viglen Cartridges. Disc boxes, any size. GEM Diary...GEM Wordchart GEM Draw...GEM Wordcraft GEM Graph. Please ring on 01753 822197 or write Steve Allsopp 45 The Cherries Wexham Court Estate Slough Berks SL2 5TS                    