8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Castle Quest Solution First go up the ladder on your right, go left at the top and along to the next ladder. Jump the gap at the top of this ladder and go up to the other ladders to collect the ruby. Next, return to the starting leveland go right to the Troll's bridge. Start to cross, and as the Troll emerges drop the ruby. When the Troll has taken it to his lair, run across the bridge, through the wall and up the next ladder. Jump all the gaps until you reach two parallel ladders: To cross them, get to the edge of each one, press right and jump. Collect the first torch and then make your way back and collect the gold bar. Practice getting on to the ladder will come in useful later. Return to the Troll, this time using the gold bar as bait. Now go back to where you collected the ruby and take the second torch. Then go to the starting level and get the remaining torch. Descend the ladders to the bottom of the screen and block off the bottom of the far left and far right ladders with torches. If you climb the middle ladder and stand at the right hand side you can catch all the red men. Collect the torch you put at the bottom of the right ladder and leave it slightly to the left of the middle ladder. The torch at the top of the middle ladder should now be placed on top of the left ladder. Now remove the torch at the bottom of the left ladder so that the red men will run into the spiders' area. Quickly follow the first red man, collect the sword and run out. Leave all the torches where they are for later use. To get out of prison, pick up the stool, and move beneath the torch and, while jumping, throw the stool upwards to knock the torch down. Stand on the stool to get onto the porch above the door, and from there throw the torch at the bed: The guard will run in and you can then jump down, grab the stool and leave. Store the stool and (using jump and up) climb the ladder just left of the prison. When the guard goes past come down, pick up your objects and kill the guards with the sword. You can now go up the ladder safely. At the top turn right, go to the edge of the wall and down the ladder there. At the bottom, go left to the large gap and store your sword. Jump off the edge and land above where you picked up the torch. Make sure that the line under the stored objects is under the sword before jumping off to the right. Recover the sword and kill the guards (beware, they move quickly), then collect the aqualung on the left of the screen. Hold the aqualung in your hands, and jump off the edge, where you first landed in the water. Go up the ladder on your left and make your way to the pillar where you collected the first torch. Jump off the edge, and when you are over the bucket press P. Make sure you still have the aqualung in your hands, put the line under the bucket and while you are still in the water press D, R, S, and P in that order. The bucket is now filled. Go back to where you left the torches and use them as described above to catch the red men. Let them into the spiders' area but this time go to the left hand side and through the wall. Go down the stairs and across the gaps, recover the bucket ready for the witch and when she is close, throw the water to kill her. Keep going left for the gap with the wand in it. Leaving the sword at the top, jump into the gap, pick up the wand and store it. Next recover the stool and use it to get out and pick up the sword again. Move left and climb the next ladder. Recover the aqualung and follow the path past the coin into the water. Climb the ladder to your left and go towards the Troll's bridge. Descend the ladder before the bridge and jump the two gaps to the other side. Go down the ladder here and kill the two yellow guards with the sword. Move right, but don't go up the ladder or into the water. Finally, recover the wand and throw it right (at the wall) to reveal the Treasure.