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MANUAL FOR TRAPVEC (BBC BASIC & 6502 ASSEMBLER) This file describes the program TRAPVEC which intercepts a soft vector and shows the contents of AXY that were used when calling it,then carrys on. The manual is (C)1997 SPROW and software is (C)1995 SPROW INSTRUCTIONS- At the BASIC prompt,type CHAIN"TRAPVEC" Next,you'll need to know which vector you wish to trap.Addresses for the 27 available vectors are given in the back of the 'BBC Microcomputer User guide'. Alternatively,it's textual name can be entered: "USERV","BRKV","IRQ1V","IRQ2V","CLIV","BYTEV","WORDV","WRCHV","RDCHV","FILEV" "ARGSV","BGETV","BPUTV","GBPBV","FINDV","FSCV","EVENTV","UPTV","NETV","VDUV" "KEYV","INSV","REMV","CNPV","IND1V","IND2V","IND3V" are all understood. Next the address at which to assemble is needed,try &C00 (for example) as this is only the character definitions on the BBC B and Econet use on a Master.So if you don't require either of these this will be fine. A resulting file 'OUTPUT' will be saved,which must then be *RUN. Any requests that pass through the vector will show [AhhXhhYhh] where hh is a hex value,in a similar format to the 'TRACE' command in BASIC. Obviously DON'T trap any of the character output vectors as this will cause continual looping! KNOWN PROBLEMS/FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS- No known problems. HISTORY- V1.00 First release version,to the 8 Bit Software user group. V1.05 Some speed/space optimisations and vector alias names may now be used