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MANUAL FOR WEBBC (6502 ROM image) This file describes the ROM image WEBBC which attempts to render HTML files from the current filing system into a readable format. The manual and software are (C)1998 SPROW INSTRUCTIONS- At any command line prompt,eg.the BASIC command prompt '>' type ON A MASTER: *SRLOAD WEBBC 8000 <socket#> *INSERT <socket#> where <socket#> may be 7,6,5,4 ON A MACHINE WITH SWRAM: *LOAD WEBBC 8000 and press CTRL-BREAK to initialise. The image will then be installed into the chosen socket where it can be entered with *WEBBC if in a valid mode.Valid modes are 0,3,4,and 6. The useage of WebBC is easy,and all actions are entered by pressing CTRL-key combinations as detailed below. COMMANDS- CTRL-U Enter a URL (well,valid filing system filename really) URL names can be upto 255 characters long CTRL-C Enter an OS star command The screen will clear and star commands will be interpretted until a blank line is entered CTRL-B Go back one position in the history list CTRL-F Go forward one position in the history list CTRL-H Go home CTRL-R Reload the last valid URL entered Escape Stop whatever is being done TAGS UNDERSTOOD- None.All tags are ignored. EXIT MESSAGES- "Escape" - the user pressed escape while at the command line "Not found" - invalid URL name was entered,ie.the HTML file couldn't be opened "Corrupted history list" - another task inside the BBC has overwritten part of the history list.Usually,you'll have to press break to clear this. "Bad MODE" - you attempted to start WebBC in an unsupported mode. KNOWN PROBLEMS/FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS- No known problems Better interpretation of HTML 'tags' and better filetyping. Caching of files,rather than multiple BGETs which will be inefficient over the Econet etc... HISTORY- V0.10 Beta release to webpages,with no tag support at all