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HTML Reader (2J3) - Listing

10DEFFNS="HTMRead" 20E%=0 30MODE0 40VDU14 50PRINT'"HTML Reader"'' 60PRINT"Press SHIFT to scroll the tex t"'' 70PRINT"Do you want to see the jumps? Y/N"'' 80*FX21 90REPEAT 100E$=GET$ 110UNTILINSTR("YyNn",E$) 120IF INSTR("Yy",E$):E%=1:PRINT"You wi ll now see:"'"Links within pages (GO TO #)"'"Links to other pages (GO TO)"'"Name s of graphics (GRAPHIC) and alternate te xt (ALT TEXT)"'' 130REPEAT 140*. 150PRINT''"Enter Filename to read, *CO MAND OR RETURN for Default (8BS Front Pa ge)"'' 160*FX21 170INPUT F$ 180IF LEFT$(F$,1)="*":OSCLI F$ 190UNTILLEFT$(F$,1)<>"*" 200IF F$="" F$="MAINHTM" 210F%=OPENIN (F$) 220REPEAT 230A%=BGET#F% 240IF A%<>ASC"<" VDUA% 250IF A%=ASC"<":PROCjump 260UNTILEOF#F% 270CLOSE#F% 280*FX21 290PRINT'''"*TYPE the file? ";F$;" Y/N " 300B$=GET$ 310IF B$="Y" OR B$="y":OSCLI("TYPE "+F $) 320PRINT''"PRESS A KEY"'' 330REPEATUNTILGET 340RUN 350DEFPROCjump 360A$="" 370REPEAT 380B%=BGET#F% 390A$=A$+CHR$(B%) 400UNTILB%=ASC">" OR EOF#F% 410IF E%=0 ENDPROC 420REM FIND COMMANDS 430IF INSTR(A$,"SRC"):C%=INSTR(A$,"SRC "):PROCname("GRAPHIC") 440IF INSTR(A$,"HREF"):C%=INSTR(A$,"HR EF"):PROCname("GO TO") 450IF INSTR(A$,"ALT"):C%=INSTR(A$,"ALT "):PROCname("ALT TEXT") 460REM LOADS MORE COULD BE ADDED HERE! 470ENDPROC 480DEFPROCname(C$) 490REM FIND INVERTED COMMAS 500REPEAT 510C%=C%+1 520UNTIL MID$(A$,C%,1)=CHR$(34) 530REM PRINT INFO 540PRINT" ";C$;" "; 550REM PRINT EVERYTHING BETWEEN INVERT ED COMMAS 560REPEAT 570PRINTMID$(A$,C%,1); 580C%=C%+1 590UNTILMID$(A$,C%,1)=CHR$(34) 600PRINT""" "; 610ENDPROC