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Here are some <A HREF="r eviews.htm">games reviews</A> from it</FONT></LI> <LI> <FONT COLOR="#400040"><I>8BS </I>has in <A HREF="8bsad.htm">stock</A> lots of second hand spares, books and software</FONT></LI> <LI> <FONT COLOR="#400040"><I>8BS </I>supports PC users with BBC emulators</FONT></LI > <LI> <FONT COLOR="#400040"><I>8BS </I>has a wealth of knowledge amongst its ranks. If I don't know the answer, I know someone who does!</FONT></LI> </UL> <HR WIDTH="100%"> <H2> <B><FONT COLOR="#3333FF">Contacting 8BS</FONT></B></H2> <CENTER><FONT COLOR="#400040"><B>Email:</B> <A HREF="mailto:chris@8bs.karoo.co.u k">chris@8bs.karoo.co.uk</A></FONT></CENTER> <FONT COLOR="#400040">I normally reply the same day. If you do not get a rapid response, try again as it is most likely to be a fault at your end!</FONT> <UL> <UL><B>Write to:</B></UL> </UL> <UL> <UL><B>Chris Richardson</B> <BR><B>8-Bit Software</B> <BR><B>17 Lambert Park Road</B> <BR><B>Hedon</B> <BR><B>Hull</B> <BR><B>East Yorkshire</B> <BR><B>HU12 8HF</B> <BR><B>United Kingdom</B> <BR><B>Telephone/Fax 01482 896868</B></UL> </UL> <HR WIDTH="100%"> <H2> <FONT COLOR="#3333FF">Joining 8BS</FONT></H2> <UL> <LI> <FONT COLOR="#400040">Membership of 8BS is free!</FONT></LI> <LI> <FONT COLOR="#400040">Just ask me and you will be given an 8BS 3 digit 'User ID'</FONT></LI> <LI> <FONT COLOR="#400040">You will receive messages on your issue sent to you from other members via the 8BS messaging system</FONT></LI> <LI> <FONT COLOR="#400040">You can receive 8BS issues automatically if you are in credit</FONT></LI> <BR><FONT COLOR="#400040">Please also read the <A HREF="info.htm">detailed information.</A></FONT></UL> <HR WIDTH="100%"> <CENTER><IMG SRC="acorn.jpg" ALT="Acorn Computer" VSPACE=10 BORDER=3 HEIGHT=50 W IDTH=62></CENTER> <CENTER> <H3> &nbsp;<FONT COLOR="#400040"><FONT SIZE=+0>This website was last modified at:</FONT></FONT></H3></CENTER> <CENTER><FONT COLOR="#400040"><FONT SIZE=+0>07:57 on 09/05/98</FONT></FONT></CEN TER> <CENTER><FONT COLOR="#400040"><FONT SIZE=+0>by <A HREF="me.htm">Chris Richardson .</A></FONT></FONT></CENTER> <CENTER><FONT COLOR="#400040"><FONT SIZE=+0>To see what I did, have a look at&nbsp;</FONT></FONT><A HREF="new.htm"><IMG SRC="new.gif" ALT="New" HSPACE=1 BO RDER=0 HEIGHT=20 WIDTH=38></A></CENTER> <CENTER>&nbsp;</CENTER> <CENTER><IMG SRC="http://www.karoo.net/usr/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?df=8bs8bs.dat" ALT= "Counter" HSPACE=5 HEIGHT=32 WIDTH=102 ALIGN=ABSCENTER>Accesses since 05/03/97</CENTER> </BODY> </HTML>