8-Bit Software Online Conversion

XTerm c0.35 =========== J.G.Harston - jgh@arcade.demon.co.uk 70 Camm Street, Walkley, Sheffield, S6 3TR 31-Jan-1998 XTerm is a small terminal program with XYModem upload and download facilities. To start, use *XTerm, and the correct character set will be selected, and an extended serial input buffer will be created. The program then enters mode 3 (or mode 0 if enough memory is available) and a brief help message is displayed. It starts off with the baud rate set to 9600. To change the baud rate, press f2 and enter the rate required. Pressing function keys have the following effects: f0 - Help f1 - *Commands. Pressing Return on its own will return to data mode. f2 - Set baud rate. f5 - Download file. See below. f6 - Upload a file. See below. f7 - Select MODE 7, 40 column teletext. f8 - Select MODE 0, 80 column text. f9 - Exit. File Transfer ------------- Pressing f5 and f6 allow you to download and upload a file. When you tell the bulletin board that you want to up or download, you will be told something like 'Start your up/download now'. Press f5 or f6 as relevant. You are then prompted for the filename to download to or to upload from, and then whether the file is Text or Binary. Text files have CRs converted to LFs on being sent, and LFs converted to CRs on receipt. If you just press Return, the function is aborted. While transferring, the current block number is displayed. Escape will abort the transfer. File Transfer protocols ----------------------- File download is a fully implemented XYModem file transfer routine. XYModem intelligently switches between XModem, XModem-CRC, XModem-1k, YModem and YModem-G according to what the other end can do. If the length of the file being transfered is not known, as with an XModem download, then the status displayed looks as follows: Action 'filename' Pkt nn: nnn bytes Status If the length is known, as with uploading or with a YModem download, the status is displayed as follows: Action 'filename' Pkt nn: nnn bytes, xx% of nnnnnn mm:ss Status showing how much of the file has been transfered, and an approximate time to completion. Program History --------------- c0.35 30-Jan-1998 Combined Basic/Machine code b0.28 24-Nov-1997 Fully Basic version