8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Hello Again! Bugs Crispin Boylan was the first to let me know. The messaging system on the first 100 or so 8BS 63s were not working. I had a quick look at the file, everything looked fine, I assume that a bad byte crept in somewhere on the master copy. I have now fixed the masters and hope that it did not inconvenience too many of you. 8BS Pool on CD! For those of you that use BBC emulators or for those that have the ability to transfer from PC to BBC, sections of the 8BS library are now available on CD rom. I have given the new section of the library the title CDR. This is what is available: CDR-01 8BS-01 to 8BS-63 CDR-02 512 Section CDR-03 BBC Section CDR-04 BUG Section CDR-05 TAU Section CDR-06 TBI Section CDR-07 The CJR, EDU, EMU, GLM, JGH, JJF, JJR, TDU, and TYB Sections Files on the CD's are stored as disc images in several diferent formats. ADFS, DFS, Single and Double Sided to allow for preferences in using the discs in different BBC Emulators. Also on the CD is a copy of the 8BS website and a copy of Stuart McConnachie's PC BBC demo with a disc image containing his superb graphical demos. The CDs are all £10 each EXCEPT FOR CDR-07 which is £15. There is one stipulation with these CD's, that is you are not permitted to copy them as this could easily damage 8BS. If you want to transfer software from a PC to your BBC and you are not sure how to do it, just ask me! Jonathan's Bash I repeat Jonathan Harston's message here. IMPORTANT! This event has NOT been organised through 8BS. Jonathan has organised this event himself without consulting me. I am in fact on nights on these dates! Announcing... Not the              Friday 24th July -- Sunday 26th July 70 Camm Street, Walkley, Sheffield Contact me for directions Tel: (0114) 281 8708 Beebs a-plenty, many networked. Bring strange pieces of kit. Ask questions, give answers. Many good local Pubs! Modems I have had virtually no response so far to my note last time about modems. I mentioned that I had one on my BBC and wanted to experiment with connecting to other BBCs. So, if you have a modem on your BBC, why not give me a ring and give it some exercise? That is it for now. Thanks for all of your support with thanks to more people here than I can shake a stick at!