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                             To: 999 (all members) From: K3H (ALBERT SCHOFIELD.) Subject: TAPE TO DISC ON THE BBC B Most cassette based games load in several parts with the last part being the actual game. Sometimes the last part loads as a continuous data stream. Firebird games are usually like this. So how do you get it onto disc? The only way I have been able to do this is if the game will load and be saved on Snapshot. Then the main file of the game can be extracted from this. Snapshot requires at least one bank of sideways ram so if you haven't got SWR then you haven't got Snapshot. Fatman Sam is a good example of Firebird games. Fatman Sam is in three parts, Fatman, Fatman1 and the data stream. So load in the first part from cassette. This is a basic program. Replace line 40 with:- 40*KEY10CLS:*DISC|M*FX13,6|M*MRUN FATMAN2|M If you do not have the MRUN facility then leave out the 'M'. Replace line 50 with:- 50HIMEM=&5800:*RUN FATMAN1 Add line 60 exactly as shown except for the '@' which represents a space so replace these with spaces:- 60PRINTCHR$(131)"@Press"CHR$(129)"SPACE @@@@@to contiue."GET$ Add line 70:- 70CALL!-4 Save the file to disc as FATMAN The second part is locked so using an unlocking utility load the second part from cassette using *LOAD""6A00 Save a section of this to disc using:- *SAVE FATMAN1 6C00+F80 Snapshot saves the whole of memory to disc in two files. One is a short file covering page zero to &1400 or just over. The second file saves memory from &1400 upwards and is quite a long file. So when choosing the file names call the first one 'SHORT' and the second one 'LONG'. So save the whole game using Snapshot. Then load in the short file using:- *LOAD SHORT 1100., Then load in the long file using:- *LOAD LONG 2500. Now save the game using:- *SAVE FATMAN2 19C0+5E40 2200 8C0 If the file does not save first time, press BREAK and go through the routine again. It always saves the second time. If you do not have the MRUN facility then you will have to download the file to &8C0. Chaining FATMAN will now load and run the game. Of course if you just want the game then *RUNing FATMAN2 will do. Finally I must apologise for being absent from the last issue due to my submission disc becoming corrupted in transit.  To: 999 (all members) ReplyTo: D5R (Bob Stringer) From: K8G (Jonathan Harston) Subject: Master 128 circuit diagrams I have these available - they are two A3 sheets. I can copy them and send them to you for £2. My address is: 70 Camm Street Walkley Sheffield S6 3TR  To: 999 (all members) ReplyTo: E4N (Rik Page) From: K8G (Jonathan Harston) Subject: Wanted: Service Manuals I'll repeat my Printing & Publishing advert here: I have pristine reprinted copies of the combined BBC B and B+ service manuals available for £12 inc p&p. Appendices also cover installing 1770 disk hardware and sideways ram. Contact me on (0114) 281 8708, or: 70 Camm Street Walkley Sheffield S6 3TR I am trying to get hold of Master service manuals, but in the meantime I have the circuit diagrams available for £2 inc. p&p.  To: 999 (all members) From: E3B (JOHN HALLIWELL) Subject: chocolate fireguard At a car boot sale the other week I bought INTEGREX COLOURJET132 for 10 quid. After cleaning and polishing it works perfectly but (guess what) no manual.Does anyone have a manual I could borrow or a photocopy of same. Micro User in a review said manual was "as useful as a chocolate fireguard" With the printer came 30 5¼ discs with educational software, primary to secondary, mainly all school copies. If of use to anyone write or phone and I will send them to you. 0161 7731635 7Hampden rd Prestwich M25 1LQ.  To: 999 (all members) From: E3B (JOHN HALLIWELL) Subject: hard drives/printers I will be shortly putting in a sealed bid to my daughter's school for old IT equipment. Included in the lot are 8 hard drives and 8 colour printers plus the comps and monitors. Steve Allsopp,Rik Page,Alan Hampson and myself are the first four. I am looking for four others who want a couple of comps,monitors,one hard drive and a colour printer. The most expensive part will be postage and packaging if the bid is accepted. No money up front. 0161 7731635 7Hampden rd Prestwich M25 1LQ.                    