8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                   To: 999 (all members) From: D5U (George Reynolds) Subject: Various Wanted and for Sale VARIOUS WANTS would like a few bits which are not directly BBC related: 1.Graphical Calculator (will pay up to 15 pounds for a good model) 2.Infopedia and especially Multipedia (for PC on CD Rom-will pay around 5 pounds for them both) 3.9999 in 1 LCD brick game (will pay up to 6 pounds) 4.3M Photocopier "Pink Paper"-ask! 5.Multicart Games for Game Gear and Game boy (if decent and lots of games will pay up to 10 pounds) 6.A Game Gear TV tuner (up to 10 pounds) or a Mini TV VARIOUS FOR SALE NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM with "Action 52" Game Pak NES advantage pad & 2 normal joypads Quickshot Joystick MASTER SYSTEM I AND II with Alex Kidd in Shinobi World Alex Kidd in Miracle world (built into Master System I) The Ninja Transbot Grandprix Racing 2 normal joypads 1 Mega Drive pad which is hacked to work with Master System! 1 Racing/Flight joystick PC CD ROM GAMES ORIGINALS Flight of the Amazon Queen Wolf Oddballz Dogz Disk Lock Fastback plus GAME GEAR GAMES Ninja Gaiden x box Factory Panic x box Ax Battler x box x instructions Marble Madness complete Note box is outer box not cartridge case OFFERS PLEASE Around 10 pounds for PC Games,5 pounds for Game Gear,17.50 for MS/12.50-NES George Reynolds 41 London Road Lichfield Staffs WS14 9EP Tel after 4pm (01543) 258032 By the way,is there an insert function on this messaging system? SIDEWAYS RAM INFO Someone wrote in a while ago and wanted to know how to work a disk with ROM images on. Well,if you have a Master you can load them in from disk by typing *SRLOAD <rom name> 8000 <rom bank> On a Master the Rom Bank is normally 5 or 6 and the rom name is simply the filename. If you have a BBC then you need to use a program like BROM from BEEBUG. If you don't have this program drop me a line.Don't know if all BBCs have sideways RAM (which is what this is called) but it is worth a try!! BBC STUFF WANTED 1.Amstrad Notepad NC100 (?) or Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80 or equivalent (must have BBC Basic)-Have limited cash 2.Teletext Adaptor-again have limited cash Will do swaps on anything I want with anything I am selling Many thanks George  To: 999 From: E5B (Clive Stephenson) Subject: Wanted Does anyone have a copy of a programme which worked with the Teletext Adapter to download pages to either a disc or printer. I have one that does individual pages but there is another one that will down load all sub-pages of a page automatically. It was originally transmitted on Teletext but may have been in The Micro User at some point. Clive Stephenson; West Gatehouse; The Hall Burton Agnes; Driffield; E. Yorks; YO25 4ND. Tel 01262 490479.  To: 999 (all members) From: E3M (Steve Allsopp) Subject: **** Wanted **** Does anybody have any of the following items they would like to swap or sell? The Art Studio by Impact Designer by techsoft Microbrush (3 ROM kit for the B or 4 ROMs for the Master) Firetrak by Superior DTP by Database (disc) DTP Graphics Library (5x200k discs) January and March 1986 issues of Acorn User magazine. And finally...a Colour printer, possibly Integrex. Please contact me on 01753 822197 or write to me at..45 The Cherries Wexham Court Estate Slough Berks SL2 5TS.  To: 999 (all members) From: E3B (JOHN HALLIWELL) Subject: wanted A tape or disc of the game called Clogger by Impact Software. There are two versions of this game, one came free with Micro User (3 screens), the other had 21 or more screens, this is the one I am after. Reasonable price paid +p&p. 0161 7731635 7Hampden rd Prestwich M25 1LQ.                    