8-Bit Software Online Conversion

SALE OF THE CENTURY Sadly, I have packed my BBC Master 512 Computer, carefully away. Space is now the problem, because over the years I have collected a great deal of software - with all the bells and whistles - to enable me to do most things. A very welcome birthday and retirement gift of a PC is my reason for this sale. The Computer and all the peripherals are very clean, well maintained and in good working order. I would prefer to sell the lot as one sale. The recipient will have everything he/she needs and could have a truly excellent computer to meet all their needs. A case of unpacking, attaching all cables and away you go with complete reliability. As regards price, I was thinking in the order of £200, with the recipient collecting, and for that they would be obtaining; A Master 512 Computer, Double Pace Disc Drive (own power supply), Spare Double Opus Disc Drive (Connect to Master) 40/80 track switched, Star 24-10 Multi-Font printer including Service Manual, MicroVitec colour monitor, SC84 Programmer (professionally designed and built) with driving software, Large selection of original software and manuals, Large collection of 5.25" Discs filled with programs (no games), 120 Beebug magazines/books (the complete bound set), Fanfold paper, labels and window envelopes. All packed away in 5 cardboard boxes. In addition I have a second 1 Mbyte MOS original ROM, along with some 30 ROMs (BCPL and so on), some 50 TTLs, and a couple of machine programming books. The computer is also fitted with a Vine Micros Master Romboard 4, Vine Micros ROM Extension Board both fully populated and, of course, the Co-Processor Board. The machine is configured with: Master ROM (Beebug), OverView(Acorn), Basic Ed & Tools(BET), Wordwise Plus II, DFS (Beebug 2.45 upgrade), SpellMaster(CC), Basic, View, Terminal. Mr John Battersby 107 Richmond Terrace DARWEN Lancashire BB3 0HE Telephone: 01254 775101 (After 11am please). Email: jbatte6263@aol.com