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Spare Master Cartridge news =========================== As promised some time ago I have been looking into the possibility of restarting fabrication of Master cartridges. Having phoned round several PCB manufacturers (since this is where the majority of the expenses go) I have found that these could be made at a cost of £9.50 each. Note that these do not include the beige plastic cases though. The boards would be double sided,ready assembled and checked.Each with a unique id number and 1 year warranty. Now for the bad news - the minimum order quantity from the PCB manufacturer is 50 boards.Some simple maths reveals that this is about £500 outlay for me, which I can't afford.So,orders must be accompanied by a £5 per board deposit. Please indicate AS SOON AS POSSIBLE how many you all might be interested in buying.If the result is less than 50 then sorry,but it wont go ahead.If more than 50 boards are needed then I shall request the deposits from you and send for the boards.I have been quoted 14-16 days for them to be made. A preprepared box is below,should you want to print this (80 column mode only) +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ! ! ! Reservation for ________ Master cartridge boards ! ! ! ! Name ! ! Address ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 8BSMail __ __ __ ! ! ! +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ R.P.Sprowson 6 Bollinbrook road, MACCLESFIELD Cheshire. SK10 3DJ.