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CustomDNFS 1.20 =============== J.G.Harston 70 Camm Street, Walkley, Sheffield S6 3TR jgh@arcade.demon.co.uk Most BBC model Bs use DNFS 3.00 which contains DFS 1.20 and NFS 3.60. DFS 1.20 interfaces with the 8271 floppy disk controller and has many inprovements and major corrections fROM DFS 0.90. NFS 3.60 has many major corrections fROM the previous main release 3.34. The NFS defaults to a fileserver at station 0.254 and a printer server at station 0.235. Many systems have a printer server at the same station as the file server, and on a network with multiple bridges, this would mean keeping BBCs on the same subnet as the fileserver. This program allows you to change these default settings. There is a slight problem with DFS 1.20 if you use it with 3.5" disk drives. DFS 1.20 does not give the drives sufficient time to become ready and so times out too early and returns 'Disk error 10' (Drive not ready) errors. This program allows you to insert a patch so that disk access always waits until the drives are ready. This results in DFS 1.21. To use CustomDNFS you need a ROM image of DNFS. You can do this using the supplied SrSave command, and you need to know which ROM slot you have DNFS in. If you have a *ROMS command, this will tell you. Otherwise, the easiest way to find out is to look inside. The ROM sockets are at the front of the PCB just under the keyboard to the right. Slot 15 is the rightmost one, and they count down to 12 going to the left. If the DNFS ROM is in slot 14 (&E in hex), then use *SrSave to save the ROM image as follows: *SrSave DNFS 8000+4000 E Once you have a ROM image, run CustomDNFS. You will be asked for the name of the ROM image to load. At this prompt you can also do *commands. If you just press RETURN, the default of 'DNFS3-00' will be used. You will then be shown what the current settings are as follows: Customise DNFS for BBC B/B+ =========================== Machine type: &0001 - Acorn BBC NFS version: 3.60 Fileserver: 000.254 Printer server: 000.235 DFS version: DFS 1.20 Pressing RETURN will move between each option. Entering a new value or YES to the 'Change to fix timeouts?' prompt for DFS will update that option. The fileserver and the printer server must be on the same network. Changing either will change both. If the image loaded is an 8k NFS ROM, the DFS option will be disabled. When entering 'Yes' to the 'Ok?' prompt the program ends and displays the command to use to save the new ROM image. This can now be blown into an EPROM and fitted permanently. Version History =============== 06-06-1998 V1.20 JGH: Timeouts fix for DFS added, default filename offered, checks loaded file appears to be DNFS. Checks if only 8k NFS ROM. 20-11-1997 V1.10 JGH: Allows customisation of NFS default settings for machine type, version, fileserver station and printer server station.