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The Hobbit ========== In the goblin's dungeon, wait for Gandalf or Thorin and SAY TO GANDALF/THORIN 'CARRY ME' - then tell him to go through the window. Movement in the goblin cave area is easier if you add QUIETLY each time. To cross the black river, get the rope, throw it across and pull a boat back. To make Bard kill the dragon, SAY TO BARD PLEASE KILL DRAGON. The key to the secret entrance to the dragon's lair is in the goblin's dungeon under the trapdoor. Get Gandalf to break it open. Thorin grabs it, but don't worry. The purposes of Gollum's riddles is to trap unwary adventurers. Have no truck with Gollum at all, just creep around till you come across the ring and then scarper. To get the large key, wait till day dawns. Ask Elrond to read the map. Hang around and you'll get a feed as well. The ring can drop off your finger, then the baddies can see you again. To get out of the elf's prison, just wait a while. To get past the magic door, WEAR RING EXAMINE DOOR AND WAIT. In the Elvenking's halls, a living butler is essential: Get Thorin to climb into the barrel, wear the ring, wait for the butler to throw the barrel through the trapdoor and then jump onto the barrel. Too much wearing of the ring in the goblins' dungeons entails the risk of losing Thorin, who is essential to the successful completion of the game. Thorin's death must be as a result of Smaug's halitosis if you are to gain full points. Move the curtain in Beorn's hall, open the cupboard and get the food. If you haven't yet lunched at Elrond's expense, now is the time to do so. When you enter Mirkwood, leave the bulbous eyes for the homeward trip and go to the stream. The command THROW ROPE ACROSS RIVER is essential and, once successful, do the logical follow-up. Use the sword to cut spiders' webs and eventually you will be in the elvish clearing where the magic door is NE, the web is E, and you can take the path W. Examine the magic door and this will trigger the arrival of the elves: Then all you have to do is follow them - but do make sure that Thorin is with you. Once you are in the elves' dungeon with Thorin things are both difficult and easy: It's a matter of timing really. First, with the help of the ring, find your way around. Second, by judiciously asking the butler, get the red key so that you can come and go at will. Finally persuade Thorin to get into the barrel WHILE THE BUTLER IS HOLDING IT and you remain uncaptured. Once the butler has thrown the barrel down the opened trapdoor with Thorin inside, it is vital that you enter JUMP ONTO BARREL. Anything else will result in you being killed. Find your way to the Dragon's Desolation, save, then map the area carefully. Then restore, and take the shortest route to the side door. This is because a move counter is working. At a certain point a keyhole will appear. Thorin must be here with you. You have to tell him to UNLOCK DOOR. Then you enter GO THROUGH DOOR and off you trot a-burgling. After taking the treasure, move U, which puts you High up on the Lonely Mountain. From there move SW, SE, D, S, E to Lake Town. Make sure Bard gets to Dragon's Desolation with his bow and arrow. Say to Bard N, N AND SHOOT DRAGON. Then if you wear the ring and toddle along after him, you should just be in time to give Smaug the Last Rites. On the way home, don't forget to pick up the treasure and make your way to Running River. From there you must proceed as follows S, S, WEAR RING, W, WAIT, WAIT, W, WAIT, WEAR RING, W, N, W, SW - thus thwarting the Pale Bulbous Eyes. After that you should realise where you are and how to get home. Provided you have got the golden key from the Misty Mountains and you remember to deposit the treasure in the chest at Bag End I believe you will have obtained top marks. End