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MANUAL FOR RFSHEAD (BBC BASIC & 6502 ASSEMBLER) This file describes the program RFSHEAD which automatically generates an image to program onto EPROM which the ROM filing system understands. The ROM filing system is supplied as standard in all BBC OS's, and is selected with *ROM. The manual is (C)1998 SPROW and software is (C)1997 SPROW INSTRUCTIONS- At the BASIC prompt, type CHAIN"RFSHEAD" You'll next need to enter the maximum size of the EPROM you have available. This is normally either 16k (&4000) or 8k (&2000), which should be entered when prompted. At the '(C)' prompt, enter the copyright message which is to be put in ROM. It should be in the form "(C)YYYY Author" for consistency with Acorn products. Lastly, the date should be entered in the DDMMYY form, this will then be used to generate a unique number referring to your ROM. This is to aid easy tracking of ROM revisions and will appear in response to *HELP later on. You should now enter a block of HELP text, this might simply be a list of the files which will appear on the ROM, an example of their useage, or it could be a plain text description of what your ROM does. This will only be displayed in response to *HELP RFS, and does not require the ROM filing system to be selected. The ROM header will be made, then you can continually enter as many file- names as the chip has space for. Each may optionally be called something else when in ROM (remember - unlike DFS the ROM filing system can have 10-letter filenames), and locked if required. Locking means that in future your program can only be *RUN so that other users cannot disassemble your games etc... This process continues until you run out of space on the chip, or you enter a zero-length filename. Then the final image is saved to 'OUTPUT' ready for programming. KNOWN PROBLEMS/FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS- No known problems. HISTORY- V1.00 First edition,used to hold my EPROM programmer software V1.05 Improved the ROM filing system service call handler so it doesn't need use of any vectors. DISTRIBUTION- The assembler which interfaces with the operating system is (C)1997 SPROW and must not be altered without the author's permission. You are however free to distribute the resulting ROMs with no royalty payments, provided the above condition is met.