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RFS Header - Listing

10REM Generate an RFS image 20DIM block% 18 30DIM name% &10 40DIM crc% 128 50oswc=&FFEE:osnl=&FFE7:osas=&FFE3 60osfi=&FFDD:osgbpb=&FFD1 70tL%=&F2:tH%=&F3:vL%=&E8:vH%=&E9 80length%=name%:REM Dual purpose! 90REM Memory for oscall blocks,crc ca lculator & some zp pointer addresses 100: 110MODE7:PRINT"RFS image generator"' 120PRINTTAB(0,2);"ROM size is & 000 by tes":VDU31,13,2:romsize%=GET-48 130IFromsize%<>1 ANDromsize%<>2 ANDrom size%<>4 THENGOTO120 ELSEPRINTTAB(13,2); romsize%:romsize%=romsize%*&1000 140DIM image% romsize% 150: 160INPUT"Copyright string (C)"copy$:co py$="(C)"+copy$ 170INPUT"Today's date in DDMMYY format : "title%:title$="RFS id:"+STR$÷title% 180: 190VDU28,0,20,39,6:REM Text window 200: 210PRINT"Help text to be shown by *HEL P RFS"'"(Upto 255 bytes long)"'"(Press E scape when finished)"' 220help$="":ONERRORGOTO280 230REPEAT:key%=GET 240IFLEN(help$)<255 THENVDUkey% ELSEVD U7 250IF(key%>31 ANDkey%<127)ORkey%=13 TH ENhelp$=help$+CHR$key% 260IF(key%=127 ORkey%=8)ANDLENhelp$>0 THENhelp$=LEFT$(help$,LENhelp$-1):REM De lete function 261IFkey%=13 THENVDU10:REM Force LF 270UNTILLENhelp$=255 280PRINT:ONERROROFF 290IFASC(RIGHT$(help$,1))<>13 ANDLEN(h elp$)<255 THENhelp$=help$+CHR$13:REM Alw ays end on a CRLF 300: 310PROCassm:F=0:CLS:REM Make the heade r and set the file handle to null 320: 330REPEAT 340CLOSE#F:INPUT"Filename to add: "sou rce$ 350IFLEN(source$)=0 THENGOTO560 360INPUT"Write to RFS as: "dest$ 370IFLEN(dest$)=0 THENPRINT'"Bad filen ame":F=0:GOTO340 380PRINT"Lock file (Y/N)?"; 390REPEAT:key%=GET AND&DF:UNTILkey%=AS C"N" ORkey%=ASC"Y" 400protect%=key% AND1:PRINT;" ";CHR$(k ey%):REM Results in a 1 for 'Y' and 0 fo r 'N' and show results 410F=OPENINsource$ 420IFF=0 THENPRINT'"File not found":GO TO340 430lof%=EXT#F:chunk%=0:REM Keep copy o f EXT#F & reset chunk number 440IFlof%=0 THENPRINT'"File contains n o data":GOTO340 450: 460header=21+LEN(dest$):REM That's how long a header block is 470top=((lof% MOD256)*(1-SGN(lof% DIV2 56)))+(256*(SGN(lof% DIV256)))+header+2: REM There's always a top bit,but its len gth is 1<len<257 480middle=259*((lof% DIV256)-2+(SGN(lo f% MOD256)))*SGN(lof% DIV513):REM Middle bits are only enabled if lof% > 512 490bottom=((lof% MOD256)+(256*(1-SGN(l of% MOD256)))+header+2)*SGN(lof% DIV257) :REM Bottom bits only occur if lof%>256 and can be of length 1<len<257 500IF(next%+top+middle+bottom)>(&8000+ romsize%) THENPRINT'"File too large to a dd":GOTO340 510: 520next%=next%+top+middle+bottom:REM W ork out where the next will start 530PROCosfile:REM Get attributes 540REPEAT:UNTILFNnextblock=FALSE 550: 560UNTILLENsource$=0 570: 580CLS:PRINT"Saving as 'OUTPUT'" 590?eoi%=ASC"+":REM End of ROM marker is a plus 600OSCLI("SAVE OUTPUT "+STR$÷(image%)+ " +"+STR$÷(romsize%)+" FFE7 8000") 610END 620: 630DEFPROCassm 640FORX=4 TO6 STEP2 650P%=&8000:O%=image% 660[OPTX 670EQUB0:EQUB0:EQUB0 680JMPserv 690EQUB&82:EQUBcopy MOD256:EQUB1 700.title 710EQUStitle$ 720.copy 730EQUB0:EQUScopy$:EQUB0 740: 750.serv 760PHA:TYA:PHA:TSX:LDA&102,X:LDX#255:½ Call details saved on stack 770.call 780INX:CMPhlpT,X:BEQmine:CPXhlpN:BEQre st:BNEcall 790.mine 800LDAhlpH,X:PHA:½Use the stack then RTS to store the jump addr 810LDAhlpL,X:PHA:RTS 820: 830.mosquery 840TYA:EOR#15:½Perform 15-y 850CMP&F4:BCCrest 860LDX#next% MOD256:STX&F6 870LDY#next% DIV256:STY&F7 880LDA&F4:EOR#15:STA&F5 890: 900.dest 910PLA:PLA:LDA#0:RTS 920.rest 930PLA:TAY:PLA:RTS 940: 950.getbyte 960LDA&F5:EOR#15:½Perform reverse of 1 5-y 970CMP&F4:BNErest 980LDY#0:LDA(&F6),Y:TAY 990INC&F6:BNEdest:½Leave with Y contai ning the byte read 1000INC&F7:JMPdest 1010: 1020.help 1030LDA(tL%),Y:CMP#13:BNEextendhelp 1040.plainhelp 1050JSRhelpgeneric:JMPrest 1060.helpgeneric 1070JSRosnl:LDX#title MOD256:LDY#title DIV256:JSRprint:JMPosnl:½Show title with space top and bottom 1080.extendhelp 1090LDX#255:DEY:½Ready for INX,INY 1100.compare 1110INX:INY:LDA(tL%),Y:AND#&DF:CMPname, X:BEQcompare:½Make upper case and check against 'name' 1120LDAname,X:BPLrest:½Get mismatched b yte 1130.rfstyped 1140JSRhelpgeneric 1150LDX#helptext MOD256:LDY#helptext DI V256:JSRprint:JMPrest:½Show extended hel p text 1160: 1170.print 1180STXvL%:STYvH%:LDY#255 1190.getchr 1200INY:LDA(vL%),Y:JSRosas:CMP#0:BNEget chr:RTS:½Print out until a 0 is found 1210: 1220.hlpN 1230EQUB hlpL-hlpT-1:½Number of calls b eing watched for 1240.hlpT 1250EQUB14:EQUB13:EQUB9 1260.hlpL 1270EQUB(getbyte-1)MOD256 1280EQUB(mosquery-1)MOD256 1290EQUB(help-1)MOD256 1300.hlpH 1310EQUB(getbyte-1)DIV256 1320EQUB(mosquery-1)DIV256 1330EQUB(help-1)DIV256 1340.name 1350EQUS"RFS"+CHR$255 1360.helptext 1370EQUShelp$:EQUB0 1380.next% 1390] 1400NEXT:eoi%=O% 1410: 1420FORX=0TO2STEP2 1430P%=crc% 1440[OPTX 1450.calccrc 1460LDA#0:STAcrcH:STAcrcL:TAY 1470.next 1480LDAcrcH:EOR(vL%),Y:STAcrcH 1490LDX#8 1500.again 1510LDAcrcH:ROLA:BCCover 1520LDAcrcH:EOR#8:STAcrcH 1530LDAcrcL:EOR#16:STAcrcL 1540.over 1550ROLcrcL:ROLcrcH:DEX:BNEagain 1560INY 1570CPYlength%:BNEnext 1580LDXcrcH:LDYcrcL:RTS 1590.crcL 1600EQUB0 1610.crcH 1620EQUB0 1630] 1640NEXT 1650ENDPROC 1660: 1670DEFFNnextblock 1680IFchunk%=0 ANDlof%>256 THENPROCmake block("FIRST"):chunk%=chunk%+1:=TRUE 1690IFchunk%=0 ANDlof%<=256 THENPROCmak eblock("LAST"):=FALSE 1700IF(lof%-PTR#F)>256 THENPROCmakebloc k("MIDDLE"):chunk%=chunk%+1:=TRUE 1710PROCmakeblock("LAST"):=FALSE 1720: 1730DEFPROCosfile 1740$name%=source$:?(name%+LEN(source$) )=13:REM Build name block 1750P%=block% 1760[OPT2 1770EQUBname% MOD256:EQUBname% DIV256:½ This points to the name 1780] 1790A%=5:X%=block% MOD256:Y%=block% DIV 256:CALLosfi 1800load%=!(block%+2):exec%=!(block%+6) :REM Transfer attribs into variables 1810ENDPROC 1820: 1830DEFPROCmakeblock(state$) 1840REM A shorthand of # is used 1850IFstate$="MIDDLE" THEN?eoi%=ASC"#": eoi%=eoi%+1:eoi%=eoi%+FNloaddata(eoi%):E NDPROC:REM eoi% is the end of image ptr in main RAM,whereas next% is the eoi ptr in paged RAM 1860: 1870IFstate$="LAST" THENflag%=(128 ORpr otect%) ELSEflag%=(0 ORprotect%) 1880: 1890REM Build a non shorthand block 1900!length%=FNloaddata(eoi%+LEN(dest$) +21) 1910P%=eoi% 1920[OPT2 1930EQUB ASC"*":EQUSdest$ 1940EQUB0:EQUDload%:EQUDexec% 1950EQUWchunk%:EQUW(!length%-2) 1960EQUBflag%:EQUDnext% 1970] 1980?vL%=(eoi%+1)MOD256:?vH%=(eoi%+1)DI V256 1990eoi%=P%+!length%+2:!length%=21+LEN( dest$)-3:REM Don't include CRC or * in t he CRC calculation! 2000cycle%=((USRcalccrc)AND&FFFF00)DIV& 100 2010[OPT2:EQUWcycle%:] 2020 2030ENDPROC 2040: 2050DEFFNloaddata(dest%) 2060P%=block% 2070[OPT2 2080EQUB F:EQUDdest%:EQUD256 2090EQUD(256*chunk%):] 2100A%=3:X%=block% MOD256:Y%=block% DIV 256:CALLosgbpb 2110?vL%=dest% MOD256:?vH%=dest% DIV256 :!length%=256-!(block%+5):REM Setup call for data CRC 2120cycle%=((USRcalccrc)AND&FFFF00)DIV& 100 2130P%=dest%+!length% 2140[OPT2:EQUWcycle%:]:REM Place the da ta CRC and return with the amount of dat a read from disk +2 for the CRC 2150=(!length%)+2