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                      To: 999 (all members) From: E6F (John Clarkson) Subject: Electronic Interests Although I have only just started in the field of computing I have since my early days in the 1950s while in the Royal Air Force had an interest in radio. While at RAF Kinloss I was a member of its Amateur Radio Society. On my demob for a few years after I did a fair bit of short wave listening but this stopped while bringing up the family, however in 1990 I was disabled from my work as a design fabrication engineer. So having worked all my life I had to find something to do and I eventually went back to radio. I sat down and looked at the situation only to find those beloved valves had gone out of use. So I had to rethink my radio strategy. I could not afford to pay the prices, and with necessity being the mother of invention, I designed a circuit, made the board, stuck the bits in and messed about until I got it to work. At the moment I have 13 working receivers of which only 4 are commercial products and 3 of those have been modified. I spend a fair amount of time on the Air Bands as I have friends who fly and I am still proud I was in the RAF. My other interest is in the field of Renewable Energy. At present I run a solar panel with an output of about 14pW which charges a bank of sealed lead acid batteries, giving an output of 12 volts at 53Aph. This runs my radio station alarm system and standby lighting system. I shall shortly be increasing the output of both the solar unit and the storage batteries. I am also hoping to build a small wind generator to see if it is a viable project but at the moment it is just a dream.  To: 999 (all members) From: E6F (John Clarkson) Subject: Drifting Gray Cloud Or John the Shaman- Having as a young lad lived through the last war and having also a great love for the natural way of love peace and tranquility, I have for many years now studied the North American Indian and the way they used to live. This also brought me into contact with their use of nature's medicines, a subject I have been looking at for many years. Although I am disabled, I grow quite a lot of my own herbs (not hemp). I also get out when I can (walk that is not in my wheelchair) and collect some off waste ground near to where I live. I use these to make medicine to treat my own ills. I also use Aromatherapy for the same purpose but I have to buy in the essential oils as I have not the skill or equipment to produce them myself. Since 1990 I have visited the doctor only twice, the first time about 6 years ago. I cannot tell you what his face looks like. All I can tell you is he had 17 holes in his head where his hair was falling out. Needless to say I did not pay him another visit. I have, for a layman, quite a large collection of books on a number of subjects from herbal medicine through to crystal healing, from astrology to the runes and bones. How I ever found time to go to work I shall never know. Still, now I have a lifetime to study all the things I want to (including how to operate this computer)  To: 999 (all members) From: E6F (John Clarkson) Subject: Cyclops The One Eyed Monster This part is to deal with my computing interests. I have left it till now so that it will be easy to understand. The reason for the heading is that for the past 10 to 15 years since I have lived on my own (that is off and on) I have had no TV on my premises so this computer now like everything else has a name. I am going to try and learn enough to be able to marry it up to the radio station and use it to decode morse rtty and weather sattelite information. I shall also be looking at the decoding of digital transmitted information like inflight info etc. It is with this in mind that I would appreciate any info on these subjects bearing in mind that I am only a learner (I have been learning all my life. You are never too old) I would like at this time to say thanks to you all for letting me bore you all Have a nice day Till the next time May your god be with you John Drifting Gray Cloud                    