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MANUAL FOR RDPHROM (BBC BASIC) This file describes the program RDPHROM which shows the contents of the chosen selected serial PHROM,if the official Acorn speech upgrade has been fitted. The manual is (C)1998 SPROW and software is (C)1996 SPROW INSTRUCTIONS- At the BASIC prompt,type CHAIN"RDPHROM" The program will request which PHROM to dump,as upto 16 are supported.PHROMA which is fitted to the BBC's internal circuit board is PHROM 15.Then the contents will scroll past on the screen,with any control characters replaced by a full stop. To save the result to disk instead add a line to the start of the program: F=OPENOUT"$.OUTPUT" Then change PROCdisplay to read DEFPROCdisplay BPUT#F,D% ENDPROC And close the file just before the 'END' statement with CLOSE#F KNOWN PROBLEMS/FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS- No known problems HISTORY- V1.00 Original version,having fathomed out the TMS6100's odd addressing