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Return To Eden Solution Return To Eden is part of the 'Silicon Dream' Trilogy by Level 9. At the start, move in to the cupboard. Wear the RADSUIT, and take the COMPASS and the GEIGER-COUNTER. Go out,out, and E to the molehill, then dig into it. You can go down 3 times, then go E, and S. You should be in a cave with leaves. Sleep in it. When you wake, find the SPADE, and dig in the loose earth. Travel E to the forest, but remove the RADSUIT before entering, then find and eat the bean, so that you can carry more objects. Collect TUBERS, STEM, AIRSEED, WISHBONE, STONEFRUIT, and take the SWEET-PEA and drop it to get the EGG, then plant the EGG to get a HOUSEPLANT. Go in to find the fish fungus needed by the leviathan. Look through the telescope and return it. I wore the FIG-LEAF rather than the TRADCLADS. Cross the river, feeding leviathan on the way, and eat the PILL to avoid radiation sickness. The parrot's nest needs to be found in the maize if something has been stolen. From the riverbank, go N, E, W, and S to the nest, then S to leave the maize. When you have everything, relaunch the CANOE, go S to get the LOG, and then E to the island. Once you are on the tiny island, squeeze the LOG, and the BULB will become a PARACHUTE. You can now go safely down. Explore the jungle area thoroughly. Dig at the twisted area to find your ROOTS which are an essential item later in the game. Find the BUG and the RUBBER-BAND, go to the woodpile, and throw the CLINGVINE so you can climb up into the trees. Drop six objects _ but not the STONE FRUIT _ at the platform so you can go higher into the trees when the lever on the other platform is pulled. Mend the branch with the GLUE-BERRY. You are only allowed to take one object across the branch at a time _ so take the STALK first. The CHERRY is a grenade that will explode if you drop it. You will be heavy enough to go back down again. Before leaving the trees make sure nothing is left on the south platform or else it will be lost forever if you use the north platform with the lever as a short cut to ground level. Wear the FOXGLOVES to take the COLD LEAF, and freeze the bog by dropping the LEAF so you can get and wear the cloak. Play the STALK with TWIGS and the ants at the leaf pile will follow you. Lead the ants to the fence, and they will trample it down. Wear the CLOAK and carry the BUG. Make a CATAPULT by tying the RUBBER BAND to the WISH-BONE, then fire the CHERRY bomb, to make a path through the minefield. Wait at the beach for the autoscythe machine and then get out at the east end of the beach. Wait again for the weeder, but let it dump the rubbish before getting in. You can get out at the NW corner of the wheatfield, but make sure you have the STONE FRUIT, SPADE, and AIRSEED. Then go N into the river and take the CREDIT CARD before emerging. The answers to give to Graunch are: Test :Answer :Hint _____________________________________________________________________ A :Love :is the blind god. B :Rumour :is the secret's thief. C :Time :is the great healer. D :Life :is the most valuable possession. E :Fire :is the dangerous playmate. F :Computer :is the Genie in the box. G :Man :gets weaker the more feet it goes on. H :Nothing :is what the rich man wants. I :Trees :have cold blood. ______________________________________________________________________ If you have the ROOTS, you can go into the twisted roots room for the CUTTERS. Careful mapping is needed in this area. Pull the plug on Big Robot, go back for the CREDIT CARD, which will then be stolen, and throw the FLASK of WATER at the bodyguard so that you can finally get your CREDIT CARD back from the Godfather. If you have the CUTTERS, you can leave via the grating, otherwise, you will have to show the busker your CREDIT CARD. Only gamble six times at the casino, then you are certain to win _ you need the money. Search and listen everywhere in the Theme Park for adverts and remember the numbers on them. Dig while wearing nothing at the many coloured sands. In the little house on the prairie, answer YES inspite of your natural inclinations, then insert the CREDIT CARD into the bevomat and drop the KOALA near the statue. It is essential to complete the Theme Park at one go, and then save the position. If you don't, the numbers to visit will change, and the ones you have noted probably won't work _ as I found to my cost. Rip up the WASHING POWDER for a free TRAIN TICKET. Get out of the train at the first stop, go to the lift, then push the button to open the door. When in the lift, enter the number from the adverts, and put a zero before one digit numbers. Certain locations must be visited _ and in a particular order if you are to get the best benefit from the shopping area. Other locations should be avoided like the plague, else you will finish up battered, broke, or both. To get back to the station, use the code 000 After becoming a homeowner, getting a TRAVEL PASS and SCREWFINGER, go back to the station. You must then visit the City Hall area _ the train won't stop here _ by pulling the emergency cord of the train in the next station it stops at and going back down the line. You need a lot of patience to wait for a train _ 20 or more WAITs. When you have elected yourself Mayor, go N, W, N, and E through the Corridors of Power to the Seat of Power. Wear the VISOR, look at a number on the screen, and then blink to get orders executed. I declared peace rather than war, and never bothered to find out the response to aggresion. After City Hall, it's time to go to the Spaceport, find the space bus, and get the RADCOM which is essential for finishing the game. When you arrive in the Habiviron, kick the MUSHMAT to get a PLATE, go into the shower and drop the PLATE. Then undo the grill with the SCREWFINGER. Evade the robots, and find the cupboard where there is a daring SPACESUIT waiting for you. Then go into the airlock and through to the docking bay, enter the starbike, and go to Snowball. Take the radcom to the control centre and you score 1000 points, are confirmed in office as Mayor, and receive a fancy adventurer's title.