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MANUAL FOR REPEAT (6502 Machine code) This file describes the program REPEAT which stores the most recently used operating system command in memory so that pressing F3 has the effect of repeating the command. The manual (C)1998 SPROW and software is (C)1996 SPROW INSTRUCTIONS- At any command line prompt,eg.the BASIC command prompt '>' type *REPEAT The program will then install itself into page &C00 (the CHR$ defn buffer on the BBC and Electron,or Econet workspace on the Master) where it will receive all future * commands and store them. Pressing F3 types the last one back in for you,so that you may edit it,and press return to issue it.The buffer even stores the last command sent to the operating system by the "OSCLI" command in BASIC,adding the star if required. EXIT MESSAGES- "String too long" - the buffer overflowed as too many letters were entered KNOWN PROBLEMS/FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS- No known problems. HISTORY- V1.00 First release version