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Read PH Rom - Listing

10REM Read byte from TMS6100 20*FX159,0,255 30REM Reset speech processor 40MODE7:PRINT"PHROM dumper":PRINT:INP UT"Enter PHROM# to dump (15=PHROMA):"P%: PRINT:PRINT"Data is:":PRINT 50REM P%=phrom to dump now 60H%=(P% AND 12)/4:REM high 2 bits 70L%=(P% AND 3)*4:REM low 2 bits 80O%=0:REM offset to start at 100Y%=(O% AND &F)DIV&1:PROCwrite 110Y%=(O% AND &F0)DIV&10:PROCwrite 120Y%=(O% AND &F00)DIV&100:PROCwrite 130Y%=L%+(O% AND &F000)DIV&1000:PROCwr ite 140Y%=H%:PROCwrite 141FORO%=0 TO 16384 150PROCread:PROCdisplay:NEXT 160REM Address is sent xcccaaaa 170REM where x=don't care 180REM c=command (see below) 190REM a=address 200END 210REM Five address calls are reqd: 220REM Call 1: xccc A3 A2 A1 A0 230REM Call 2: xccc A7 A6 A5 A4 240REM Call 3: xccc AB AA A9 A8 250REM Call 4: xccc C1 C0 AD AC 260REM Call 5: xccc x x C3 C2 270REM Hence A13 to A0 are sent 280REM ie.14 bit addr = 16384 long 290REM Chip select C0 to C3 too 300END 310REM Commands used here: 320REM ccc=%100=64 (load address) 330REM ccc=%001=16 (read byte) 340END 350REM Send address to TMS5220 360DEFPROCwrite 370A%=&9F:Y%=Y%+64:CALL&FFF4 380ENDPROC 390REM Do a read byte... 400DEFPROCread 410*FX159,0,16 420A%=&9E:D%=((USR&FFF4)AND &FF0000)DI V&10000:REM Mask out Y which contains th e answer 430ENDPROC 440REM Filter out control chr$ 450DEFPROCdisplay 460IFD%>31 AND D%<127 THENPRINTCHR$(D% ); ELSEPRINT"."; 470ENDPROC